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Die italienische Pornolegende Rocco Siffredi wuchs in einer Kleinstadt an der Adriaküste auf. Seine Mutter erwartete eigentlich, dass er eine Karriere als Priester einschlagen würde, doch er ging einen anderen Weg. Nach 30 Jahren in der. Dieser Dokumentarfilm begleitet den legendären „italienischen Hengst“ Rocco Siffredi in seinem letzten Jahr als Pornodarsteller. Trailer und weitere Infos. Dieser Dokumentarfilm begleitet den legendären „italienischen Hengst“ Rocco Siffredi in seinem letzten Jahr als Pornodarsteller. In dieser Übersicht finden Sie alle Netflix-Filme und Serien mit Rocco Siffredi als Schauspieler. Wöchentlich wird das Netflix-Angebot um viele Filme und Serien. Rocco Siffredi ist im Pornobusiness das, was Mick Jagger für den Rock 'n' Roll ist​: eine lebende Legende. Aufgewachsen in einer kleinen Stadt.

rocco netflix

In dieser Übersicht finden Sie alle Netflix-Filme und Serien mit Rocco Siffredi als Schauspieler. Wöchentlich wird das Netflix-Angebot um viele Filme und Serien. Dieser Dokumentarfilm begleitet den legendären „italienischen Hengst“ Rocco Siffredi in seinem letzten Jahr als Pornodarsteller. Auf Netflix abspielen. Besetzung. Rocco Siffredi ist im Pornobusiness das, was Mick Jagger für den Rock 'n' Roll ist​: eine lebende Legende. Aufgewachsen in einer kleinen Stadt.

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Rocco Introduces: Anastasia Mehr Infos: HD Englisch. James Deen. Anmelden via Facebook. Jetzt streamen:. Juni auf Netflix - Trailer verrät Details zur Handlung. Klicken Sie hierum sich kostenlos anzumelden. Beste Netflix & rhythmus melodie.

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Neue Netflix-Filme und Serien. Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Ein unter Mordverdacht stehender Mechaniker mit krimineller Vergangenheit muss ein Auto aufspüren, das den Beweis für seine Unschuld enthält: eine einzige Revolverkugel. Reise ins Herz der Finsternis. rocco netflix

Rocco Netflix Video

Rocco (2016) - Trailer (English Subs) Dieser Dokumentarfilm begleitet den legendären „italienischen Hengst“ Rocco Siffredi in seinem letzten Jahr als Pornodarsteller. Auf Netflix abspielen. Besetzung. Rocco ein Film von Thierry Demaizière und Alban Teurlai mit Rocco Siffredi, Rozsa Tano. Rocco. Oktober bei Netflix / 1 Std. 43 Min. / Dokumentation. Rocco jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, Netflix verfügbar. Der jährige Rocco will sich eine eigene Existenz aufbauen, um aus​. Gibt es Rocco auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket, iTunes oder Maxdome und co legal? Jetzt online Stream finden! Rocco ist eine Dokumentation über die Pornolegende Rocco Siffredi und Jetzt auf Netflix anschauen Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Rocco. rocco netflix Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Cyberpunk Krasser Trailer und Netflix-Serie Alban Teurlai. Alles, was visit web page Licht berührt. Reise ins Herz der Finsternis. Soulis Filmtagebuch - von SoulReaver. Nach Titel sortieren aufsteigend Nach Titel sortieren absteigend Nach Bewertung sortieren Nach als letztes hinzugefügt sortieren. Für eine letzte Szene soll sein weibliches Gegenstück Kelly Stafford noch einmal aus dem Ruhestand zurückgeholt werden. Mehr Infos: HD Englisch. Jetzt auf Netflix anschauen. Beste Netflix Dokumentationen. Nach ihrem Scheitern am Broadway muss eine selbstbezogene Tänzerin in ihrem Heimatort wohl oder this web page eine click here Tanztruppe auf einen Wettbewerb vorbereiten.

To me, it's all "first world problems". I have zero sympathy for his internal demons. Men in his position could have handled their super libidos in many different ways.

To start crying the blues now just seems pathetic and dumb. Rocco's over-abundance doesn't move me to tears. Just about everything in this documentary is designed to confuse, misdirect and prop up the man as a tragic character.

I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. Boo hoo, boo hoo I'm washed up as a porn actor, and I've suffered for my craft. Sure buddy.

The way Italian men think of their mamma's as saints makes me puke, especially for those that are in the mob or make a living porking the babes.

It all seems a bit hypocritical, in my eyes. Rashida Jones' series on the porn industry is ten times better than this load of horse crap.

Rocco Siffredi is an obscenity. There isn't much more to be said about him after watching this.

The most sickening moment being the account he gives of consoling an elderley lady following a funeral or some other occasion, and him becoming aroused while hugging her to the point he paraphrasing his own words here "pulled out his erect cock, stuck it in her mouth and came within seconds", at which point, he removed it, leaving her speechless.

He then "left and hasn't seen her since". I mean, he's effectively admitting on film to orally raping an elderley woman. And he doesn't appear to be joking about it.

A sick, warped man. He doens't need a documentary making about him, he needs locking up. This movie apparently was done by Rocco financially.

Since there is nothing about Rocco's real life and tried to idealize a porn star. First of all, we could not learn how his career started.

Instead, she draws a conservative wife. Why Siffredi shoots abroad and decided to be based in Budapest? At least that 2 points could be explained by Rocco.

Shortly do not waste your time, choose another documentary if you should watch. Pornstar Rocco Siffredi retires from porn and looks back on his career and why he quit.

Not sure what I was expecting out of this and watched out of curiosity more than anything else. Mostly, I figured it might be interesting to see what motivates people to do porn, and keep doing it, and then, looking back, what they think of the whole experience.

This documentary doesn't really shed a light on this. It tries to, but there are no profound take-aways. The reasons for quitting seem kind of phony, as if Rocco Siffredi is trying to get us to sympathise with him for being a pornstar.

The introspectives just seem staged for the camera, with him saying what he thinks we want to hear. This makes the whole thing seem quite self-indulgent, like him saying "Look at me, look at what a sensitive guy I am".

Woven through the whole thing are behind-the-scenes clips from the making of some of his movies. This jars with his "Porn is bad, I'm a family man" vibe.

I guess that was the idea but the way these scenes make them gratuitous, rather than a demonstration of why he is turning his back on the industry.

Quite pointless in the end. The only thing I learned is that Rocco's cameraman is a dufus It's too bad that the filmmakers never make any effort to expose this devil and instead seem give their subject complete control over their project.

The result is definitely interesting, and sporadically very funny, but unfortunately shies away from Rocco's darkest fears and the low-points of his life.

For those unaware, Rocco is a porn actor known for very rough scenes, though apparently judging from this movie, at least the work atmosphere on his sets is quite friendly and supportive of the women he works with.

You could obviously question if the team is always this nice to the actresses, even when they are not being filmed by outsiders or the women decide in the last minute they don't want to do the really hard stuff, and since the directors rarely interview the porn stars without Rocco present, that element of the film doesn't hold up to much scrutiny.

We just have to believe the movie that Rocco is always a nice guy to every girl he has sex in front of a camera with, and your willingness to sympathize with the main character in his more emotional scenes will likely depend on wether you go along with that or not.

Speaking of emotional scenes, there are a couple in which Siffredi talks about his family life growing up, or his family life now, and in these moments he seems honest and open about his feelings.

However, once more the film suffers from a lack of outside perspective from people who might give a more critical account of our star's private behaviour.

The scenes with his sons in particular are awkward to watch, and you can clearly see how uncomfortable they are with being filmed while their dad talks to them about porn.

Most of the movie is centered around Rocco with very few outsiders commenting on the man or his work.

One is his wife, though we only get a few lines from her about how great a guy her husband is. Another is his cousin and co-worker Gabby, though he serves more as comedic relief the disappointed look on his face after Siffredi simplifies a set piece he thought of is hilarious and sad at the same time than he does provide a different viewpoint on the hardcore scenes he films.

The only person who manages to take the spotlight away from Rocco and affect the way we see him is fellow porn actress Kelly Stafford, who stole the movie for me.

Not only does she offer a female opinion on porn of Rocco's caliber, her friendship with the man, which ostensibly goes much deeper than a mere business relationship, is also very believable and heartwarming.

Overall, if you're interested in how porn scenes are filmed, this film might be of interest to you. Just don't expect it to be very critical of its subject.

MoDo12 6 December Many of the reviewers here were apparently expecting an hour and 45 minute long vlog by Rocco going about his daily life, which this is not about.

Nor is it another sub-par "I use to do porn but now I am an advocate against it" type documentary. Its an artistic film about Rocco's past and present with a behind the scenes look into some of the scenes and how he feels about it all.

How he began to dislike what he did when his family came along and his sons began to grow up. You also get to meet Kelly Stafford, a true unknowing victim of modern feminism, who basically needs to be choked and spit on during sex because she cannot meet a manly man in her real life.

She aches for masculinity and dominance so she can succumb to her born-biological female need to be feminine and submissive.

The scenes may come across as "degrading" to some, but with masculinity so lacking in this day and age, its what these performers and the female viewers truly want and you get a first hand look into that.

This film digs deep into masculinity and femininity with a little background on the man so legendary for putting those very two things onto tape.

With all that in mind, enjoy. Kelly's narrative. She describes how she feels about the job, about sex, about equality.

She understands her body and her desire for sex, and when she faces the camera in a candid, unpretentious manner.

Probably everyone feels compelled to sit up straight and look her in the eye. I watched a couple of Rocco Siffredi porn videos many, many years ago and was always put off by his "nasty" streak.

In fact, he likes the word "nasty". I hated his bullying attitude, disguised as a love of women. This is an interesting documentary regarding his decision to pack it all up.

It's a shame he didn't take that decision long ago. I felt sorry for the poor, degraded victims of his particular brand of punishment.

They probably have their reasons for participating. I only hope they'll learn a lesson and move on. I don't know why he carries his idiot relative around with him to do the photography.

They obviously dislike each other and he's incapable of doing a professional job. Why not hire a proper photographer? It only makes sense in the context of his being Family.

A distinctly Italian thing. So he loves his Mama, hates his partner in crime, and seems to be ignored by his kids sensible pair of boys.

What his ex-porn wife sees in him, God only knows. After watching this I felt primarily sad for his victims. An interesting watch, as long as you read between the lines.

I want to believe that people, who venture out creatively and do the things that they do to make something, are complex and interesting.

This expo leaves only my imagination to fill in the blanks of many questions I have regarding the life and times of Rocco Siffredi. I am left to wonder that all Rocco has to say, after 90 minutes, is that there is a sexual void in his life, and nothing can fill it?

Rocco is tortured emotionally by the death of his brother at a young age and his Mother much later in life. His Mom, in the interim, has shaped whom we know as Rocco the porn star today.

The films ambiguity makes it confusing to watch, however, as a surveyor of pornographic material, it compels this viewer to wonder, is there anything more I need to ask about Rocco?

On the surface I find a man too manly to admit that he may need some type of treatment to deal with what may be a disorder of his mind.

He subjects the viewer to his tormented state, and surrounds himself with enablers who validate his "God" only gift, Rocco's sexuality.

It is literally a "Passion Play". On the bright side I did find the filming of it beautiful, equivalent too watching a porn without the close ups of naughty bits plugged into each other.

I do empathize with reviewers' observations about the mistreatment of women in the porn industry, and for that the film supplies us with porn actress, Kelly Stafford, to dispel that notion and ground the viewer with a feminist point of view.

In closing I ask myself is Rocco as interesting as I would like to think someone in his situation would be? The answer is a resounding no, and this disappoints me.

Maybe on the surface most people who do pornography are merely normal with heightened sexual prowess and that is all.

It's not a disparaging thing to say and maybe had Rocco been a pioneer of pornography; this look into his life could have worked.

Again I am not slamming the documentary, I'm left with stones unturned. Instead of honesty from Rocco, I only have his disturbed void and the fact that he may never fill whatever it is.

Beautifully shot and sensitively treated, this documentary follows Rocco Tano, a. Rocco Siffredi as he counts down to the swan song of his on-screen pornographic career - a final scene with long time collaborators Co-conspirators, Kelly Stafford, director Jon Stagliano, and Rocco's cousin, director of photography and often co-director, Gabriele Galetta.

Although the documentary filmmakers access pornographic sets where sex scenes are taking place, the images always register to me as artistic, intimate, and honest.

The closeups, long lenses and shallow focus aren't simply there to avoid a more explicit framing - in fact, you still see penis, vulva, bruised and scratched skin after intense butt slapping, and there's even semen on performers' faces that made it on the final edit.

What it is is an up close and personal interaction with the people who perform these acts in order to make a living.

You're bright up there with them through physical strain, exertion, and of course, presumably, pleasure. This is not a documentary that leers at the sexual act.

There is no trace of lechery from the filmmakers. However, neither is it one that takes the contrarian position that "it's just work and porn performers feel nothing.

It's all business". Of course it's a business, but it isn't just that. Rocco Siffredi has a lot of feelz man.

For him, a self confessed sex addict, it is a complex struggle between his natural physical gifts and prowess, this being the only thing he knows how to do, the guilt he suffers with having been a pornographic performer and filmmaker whilst being married and having two sons.

On top of all that, add in being Catholic and being intensely loving of his dearly departed mother. It's also quite clear that he likes intimacy with his co-stars.

There is a post-scene interaction between Rocco, Abella Danger, and Veruca James where it's hard to see anything else but post-coital honesty.

Their banter is far removed from performers rushing off to clean up and shower after the scene is wrapped.

Instead, there they are, sitting around soaking in their sweat, other bodily fluids, and ruined makeup, just talking.

Here is a man who plays at being abusive on-screen but is in fact quite kind. Whilst on the other hand, you have Hollywood and other mainstream entertainment types who put up a kind and caring public persona, but are in fact monsters.

Cut to Rocco and the actress alone, cuddling he is a pornographer, after all , him telling her everything will be ok, just be sure to avoid burning out.

In another scene, a pre-game talk is captured where he makes sure to outline boundaries on what's ok, what's not.

What can he direct his stars to do to each other, what he can do to them. Since his reputation precedes him, people almost always expect him to be rough.

In California, Abella Danger takes Rocco's hand and shoves it in her own mouth. Rocco seems to push the boundaries, but then they make out as though that's what Abella wanted all along.

It's this kind of nuance that makes this documentary really engaging. No way to get around it: He's not just a big dick and pretty face.

This is a very complex man. Then there's Kelly Stafford. She is so amazing. The things peshe says, the life philosophy she lives by, and the appetites she possesses and the sheer power and control she exudes.

I now want to see a documentary about her! That would be interesting. All in all, a must see. So there's that. Glad the filmmakers didn't give him a voice in this movie.

Frankly, I think this film was merely an attempt to get Rocco some 'exposure' to a different audience, especially given that, based on his IMDb movie history, he's made plenty of films after this one.

As other reviewers have noted, there isn't much insight into Rocco's life. Basically, he comes across as a sex addict who found a way to get paid and satisfy his addiction at the same time, as do the other characters in the film who work in the industry.

If you want to see some soft porn while also getting some minor insight into the porn industry like how they come up with story-lines , you might find this film interesting.

After the first few minutes, I just fast-forwarded through it until I got to a scene I thought might provide some documentary-type info, but was usually disappointed.

Sexuality cursed by restlessness and blessed by pleasure. Sexuality is necessary for the complete well-being of body and spirit.

Because it is precisely the spirit that seeks the accompaniment of physical pleasure: a search that starts first of all from a rhythmic drive of the mind and of the conscience.

From the first shots of the erotic and provocative force of Stroheim cinema to Rocco Siffredi. Up until last night, I'd never heard of Rocco Siffredi.

Maybe that's because I don't watch pornography, Italian porn in particular. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.

Rate This. A behind-the-scene account of the porn world and its stars as they've never been seen before - and the no-holds-barred portrait of a true giant.

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Color: Color.

Rocco Antonio Tano fernsehprog. It's this kind of nuance that makes this documentary really engaging. Photo Gallery. Rosa Caracciolo m. I have read several see more with Rocco, that have movie4k thor my interest in him, his personal life, his view upon porn and things like. And even though that we get to know some weird and personal details they are very few and it does not provide a full picture.


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