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The Place Promised In Our Early Days ist ein minütiger Film von Makoto Shinkai. Der Film lässt sich den Genres Drama, Science-Fiction und Romantik zuordnen. Auf dem Film basieren ein Roman von Shinta Kanō und ein Manga. - Kaufen Sie The Place Promised in Our Early Days günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Entdecken Sie The Place Promised in Our Early Days - [DVD] und weitere TV-​Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. The Place Promised In Our Early Days (deutsch: „Der in unseren frühen Tagen versprochene Ort“; Originaltitel: jap. 雲のむこう、約束の場所, Kumo no Mukō. - Compra The Place Promised in Our Early Days - Edition Anime a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la.

the place promised in our early days

The Place Promised In Our Early Days (deutsch: „Der in unseren frühen Tagen versprochene Ort“; Originaltitel: jap. 雲のむこう、約束の場所, Kumo no Mukō. - Compra The Place Promised in Our Early Days - Edition Anime a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la. - Kaufen Sie The Place Promised in Our Early Days günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

But after all, it is superb how well Makoto Shinkai has put the whole thing together so well. I was very fascinated and captured while I was watching it - which didn't happen for quite some time.

I think this is one piece of work that overwhelms viewers by its beauty and sense of purity. Although I can understand how some animatings are not up to the feature animation quality, I personally think it'd be better for Makoto Shinkai to get somebody good to retouch on his characters' faces.

Snootz 16 May Many will find this film unmoving and uneventful. The animation is so-so. In only one scene a mountain background with mist was I impressed; otherwise it's very typical.

I'm honestly surprised by the number of reviews stating this is "beautiful". It's really simply not that impressive animation-wise.

I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. The characters are largely undeveloped. The plot line is simple and mono-directional, without much in the way of suspense, surprise or emotional impact.

There are no highs or lows, no real climax to the film, and the ending is weak. I am a fan of anime and very much enjoy artistic anime.

I don't need giant robot battles in order to enjoy a film-- and enjoy many aspects of the drama genre where story is as important as the animation itself.

But this work struck me as mediocre in all aspects. I do appreciate that some may enjoy the very subdued romantic aspect, but I found it as undeveloped and uneventful as the rest of the work.

As would be expected I give it 5 stars. Neither impressive nor bad Mind-bending sci-fi is a staple of Japanese animation, and many of them are complex in a way that makes them difficult to grasp immediately.

This one, though, I really don't think the director has any idea how to tell a story. The film is just never coherent. Not only is its science fiction premise which deals with alternate universes never clear, nor its world comprehensibly established, but it's terrible at establishing characters and their relationships to each other.

The artwork is nice the animation is a bit choppy, though , and the music is pretty but also occasionally too sappy , but this is an annoying mess of a film.

For me the movie did not grip me at any moment. I watched through the minutes and as half the movie passed I still patiently waited for it to pick up.

The very beginning part was somewhat interesting, it was developing characters, a plot, and an idea. By somewhat the middle of the movie the plot and the characters were lost.

The movie jumped onto details irreverent to anything in the beginning. Such tactic really does throw off viewers but is not completely wrong if you build up on the idea properly.

Throughout the movie you had fillers, small lines that made the movie much longer, and further from helping to keep the audience engaged.

I honestly was at the coastline of the movie the whole time, I knew the idea and where the plot and movie was going, but the movie did put an effort in tying the audience emotionally to the screen.

In conclusion, the movie had too many irrelevant details, lines, very loosely tied together, with very unorganized plot. It very much tried to be a movie like "Inception" or "Fight Club" but in my view it did fail in that category.

I rarely ever watch anything more than once, but this was my 3rd time watching this today, and I had even bought the DVD..

I think I feel some nostalgic connection to it somehow, I appreciate how brilliant the boys are, actually building something like that..

I guess I've always wanted to accomplish something like that. I also like the attention to technical detail like soldering and UNIX command lines.

Even if you aren't into the story or the characters, watch it for the animation. Some of the most beautiful scenes I think I may ever see.

Especially for those you who tend to like sunsets. I can hardly think of anything I don't enjoy about it, some people have said it doesn't feel tight or whole or well put together, but I think the pacing really isn't that bad, only thing that bothers me slightly is all the fades to black that are used for scene transitions, but really I'm not sure what else would have been better, it makes it a whole lot less confusing than just cutting to scenes and having to figure out whats going on and if its a different place or time.

The DVD release is decent, some good interviews motoko shinkai seems like a real nice guy , video quality is good, audio is fine dont know about the English voice actors, id be afraid to really watch it in English.

I gave 4 stars just for the art and the music, but I really got bored a lot watching this, the story makes no sense, it's all so dreamy, so epic, the author wants you to deeply feel all this emotions but to me the result it's an hollow movie with hollow character.

I've never fallen asleep watching something, but with this I barely succeeded to end it. I definitively suggest not to watch it, there are so many other beautiful anime to see out there.

One thing I've enjoyed is the artwork, the landscapes are really intense and make you dream, but also there sometimes there is too much over production, too many light effects, it seems like a punch in the eye.

And I hate when authors use science fiction in this way, by throwing here and there some gibberish theory and then making a mess with a convoluted plot, so that people at the end can say that it leave you with the freedom to interpret it, I find this technique over abused lately, and by the way I've never seen using it so badly like in this case.

Doxology 28 April Read the title a couple of times. It's lyrical, evocative, even elegiac, and yet could have been expressed in fewer words.

Such is this film. Formally, it's a pure joy to behold. From sweeping countryside panoramas and old, weatherbeaten structures that somehow plumb deep-seated sparks of nostalgia, to sweetly-embellished details like a softly rattling electric fan, Shinkai creates a vibrant, human environment.

The soundtrack is equally enveloping, with heart-melting violin and piano work. Beyond this is quite a decent film, with believable characters in often hard-to-fathom situations.

The boyhood friendship of the two male protagonists is very real -- but their ability to engineer, fabricate, and pilot a sophisticated aircraft at age 15 is purely the stuff of anime fantasy.

And yet, everything, no matter how incredible or convoluted, is wrapped in these Shinkai layers of lyricism and beauty. Through a very sensitive and even transcendent treatment, scene after scene is made to appear pivotal, even if it's not.

And thus we have a film that is almost cloying in its presentation -- it's not layered with pure sugar; most of the time it feels genuine, even if it's becoming self-indulgent.

But indulge it does, because the director knows how to indulge gracefully. Normally style over substance kills substance.

In "Place," it gently infuses it with some sort of warm, nourishing milk. Approaching this from the perspective of a sci-fi enthusiast, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, despite the complexity of its theories on divergent realities and their harmonic coexistence with dreams, there was a far simpler coming-of-age story that centered on a childhood promise.

The score is haunting. The visuals and animation are stunning and the characters are charmingly awkward. Although there are some action sequences and a pint of blood thrown in for measure, the film's pace is decidedly that of a romantic reflection on loneliness and bittersweet affection.

In the end, the story telling is adequate, but viewers who were eager to be exposed to fantastic alternate universes will be disappointed.

The Union side has built a giant tower on Hokkaido, so tall it's even visible from Tokyo. Two teen boys just across the straights from the island are fascinated with the mysterious Tower, want to build an airplane to visit it, and get jobs at a factory in the area.

The rest of this paragraph has possible mild spoilers. They let a teen girl in on the secret, and she becomes fascinated with it too.

That near-obsession with the Tower disrupts their lives in various ways, starting with strange dreams. This was a pretty strange film.

The relationships between the characters are very well portrayed. We get a pretty good feel for the three teens, though a change in one of them as they grow up is less clearly defined.

The boys' boss is an interesting supporting character. The plot works well as an influence on the three teens' lives, but it weakens as it steps deeper into a blend of science and philosophy.

The movie works best up until the mystery of the Tower becomes fairly clearly revealed. Afterwards, the philosophical science fiction distracts from the very good character-based storytelling.

However, because it's something so far from the ordinary, I recommend it quite a bit more strongly than I would a more typical movie. I saw the movie in Japanese, subtitled in English -- with the amusing exception of about three lines of English which were subtitled in Japanese.

Seragovitz 4 October OK lets list some anime conventions; insipid male leads with about as much personality as a bowl of rice, all the female characters are snivelling drips, banal supporting cast, glorious childhood memories, some promise or other that needs fulfilment and dialogue that would make a Furby wince etc etc.

The animation is very well done but is "over done" with every scene seeped in sepias, moonlight etc which I found soon got tiresome.

The sci-fi plot is a strange mix of quantum mechanical dream state mumbo jumbo and parallel universes; which while rather silly sorry all you parapsychologists is at least quasi-interesting.

The musak is dreadful fluffy garbage. I think this would have made a good silent animated short. If you want to watch a ten star anime rent "Night on the Galactic Railroad".

I was fully prepared to like this anime, but I really didn't. I stumbled upon this movie watching a list on Youtube about under-appreciated anime, where I also was made aware of Mind Game, which I liked a lot, so I gave this movie a watch, too.

Before I start complaining, let's get the positives out of the way: This movie is beautifully animated and some of the backgrounds are a real treat for the eye.

For the stuff that bugged me: This movie is really dull. Now I'm fine with slower paced movies, as long as there is something there to hold my interest, but this movie falls flat in terms of character work, world building and story telling in general.

Character motivations are underdeveloped or even worse, change on a whim. The conflict parties and their history are only hinted at or even completely omitted.

The big reveal in the second half makes absolutely no sense and no effort is made to get some sense into it.

The film picks up a bit at the end, but getting that far felt like a chore to me and instead of thinking about what I just saw like I usually do when watching anime movies I just felt glad it was over.

I could go on, but those would just be nitpicks. I feel like there is a lot of substance to this movie and stuff I missed the first time, but for the aforementioned reasons I doubt there will be a second time.

The only times I even felt remotely this deflated after watching an anime movie was after watching Wings of Honneamise for similar reasons and Steam Boy not for lack of quality mind you, but for its unnecessarily long runtime.

He has been hailed as one of the greatest anime directors or even the greatest, up there with legends like Hayao Myazaki.

Since I saw his other two movies first and absolutely adore them, it is needless to say that my expectations for this movie were sky high.

Simply put, I was not let down. Unlike the other two movies under the same direction, The Place Promised in Our Early Days has a very definite plot with clear dips, rises and climaxes.

All in all, it is an exciting story that puts you in the center of a divided Japan with different powers controlling both sides. The plot might seem dry and overused on paper, but it is quite intriguing once you actually see it in action.

Also driving the storytelling forward is this movie's sci-fi twist on parallel universes and how certain people react with them.

Again, this movie certainly brings around one of the uniquer feeling tales around, even if it doesn't sound it. Anyone who has seen another Makoto Shinkai movie however will be able to tell you though, that it is not the story that makes his movies special, but the characters and the emotion that few movies come close to matching.

Although it is still a huge distant beyond any other movie in this respect, the power behind to emotions is probably the weakest of all three movies.

Don't get me wrong; you will still find the characters and their relations hauntingly and irresistibly real, but you aren't AS horrified when a character's life suddenly changes for the worse.

Still, the feelings of loneliness, desperation, or exuberance, all of which Shinkai is famous for, are still found in their distinct, amazing way.

Since this was the second of the three movies, it also seems as though it is a technical middle-step between the OK animation of Voices of a Distant Star, and the truly breath-taking visual found in 5 cm Per Second.

The animation will not disappoint you, and there are some truly clever tricks that are used that make it look truly wonderful, but they won't stand out among the best in the industry.

The music might just do that however with its beautiful, violin-heavy soundtrack that creates a great ambiance for whatever scene is currently playing.

Also, the fact that the violin is featured in the soundtrack is of relevance to the plot, and makes both the character progression and the music appear that much sweeter.

Although I have criticized this movie a lot, for every thing it did wrong, it did a million things right.

This still stands with the truly great anime movies out there and is a great watch for any fan of sci-fi influenced plots that will bring a surprisingly personal tone to the story.

Too bad the plot reads like that lame anniversary card you Dad gave your Mom last year. The animation is, of course, stellar - but the story?

Well - let's see What do clouds mean? After reading the "helpful" review on this, I gave this film a shot and watched it.

I mean hey, I loved Spirited Away. It's like one of those films where you keep thinking the plot is starting to get good, but it's not.

In fact, the plot is "tricking you" into thinking it's going to get good, and then when you're interested again, it's like - "hehehe Nonetheless, out of respect for the talent it takes to make a finely animated film such as this - I have to give it far more than 1 star.

But still, those 4 stars are for quality of workmanship alone, and NOT for an enjoyable film.

But you don't have to take MY word for it Go ahead, watch it. But I promise you, unless the question - "What do clouds mean?

Besides, you can always just go to the drugstore and read anniversary cards for free. The story follows three friends at the brink of adulthood who shares a secret.

We get to follow them or at least two of them later on trough life, split apart. I really have no issue with how loosely the technical aspects are explained.

What annoys me is a sense of over-directing that plagues the storytelling. I have created over a thousand blades.

Unknown to death. Nor known to life. Have withstood pain to create many weapons. Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

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Slump creates a little android girl, Arale, who is very stong, happy, and totally common senseless. They live in Penguin Village where the strangest things happen e.

Inuyasha TV Series. Her house is a thousand-year-old Japanese temple, and her grandfather talks about the history of the house endlessly.

Legend has it that the old well on the temple grounds keeps a vicious ancient monster at bay; Kagome never believed those legends, until now.

The well opens up and sucked Kagome inside transporting her to an ancient time of enchanted forests and giant demons.

Death Note TV Series. One day he finds the Death Note, a notebook held by a shinigami Death God. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create a perfect world.

A world without crime or criminals. However when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer.

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In order to find the reason for this transformation and the one who is responsible for it, Shinichi hides his identity and lives with Ran - his childhood sweetheart, whose father happens to be a hopeless detective, and with that begins an adventurous series of murders and mysteries that he must solve in search for the ones who put him in his awkward situation.

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Enchanted by the girl, Kousei starts to move forward with his own legs at the age of

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Desinteressiert 5. Pausiert 3. Als um die Handlung einsetzt, endet die Besetzung des südlichen Japans durch die Vereinigten Staaten und beide Nationen haben einen Allianz genannten Pakt geschlossen. Es geht hauptsächlich um ein Versprechen dreier Freunde welches sie sich in ihrer Kindheit gegeben haben und das sie sich danach aus den Augen verlieren, bis sie sich eines Tages wieder treffen es läuft noch ein unbedeutender Subplot über einen Krieg, der aber nicht weiter erwähnenswert ist und stets im Hintergrund vor sich in dümpelt. In den südlichen Teil geben sich drei Freunde Hiroki , Sayuri und Takuya ein Versprechen: sie wollen mit ein selbst gebauten Flugzeug ein riesen Turm auf der anderen Seite des Landes besichtigen. Kurz bevor sie aufwacht betete sie das sie sich bitte daran erinnert was sie all die Jahre im Traum gefühlt hat für Takuya und möchte es ihm nach dem Aufwachen erzählen, doch sie vergisst es. Hidetaka Yoshioka. Er liest ihn im Märzworauf er sich auf die Suche nach ihr begibt. Die beiden Jungen der Clique haben ein abgestürztes Flugzeug der Japanischen Meeresselbstverteidigungsstreitkräfte gefunden; sie nennen es liebevoll Bella Ciela vermutlich angelehnt an schöner Himmel. Im Grunde habe ich hier wirklich nichts auszusetzen, wie ich schon öfter gesagt habe, so sage ich es auch hier wieder: read article passt! In den meisten anderen Animeserien wird nicht erklärt, warum eine Realität click to see more Welt von unserer verschieden sein soll. Auch die Tatsache, dass das Mädchen Sayuri Jahre später more info Koma liegt, während sich Tokio auf einen Krieg vorbereitet und Hiroki, von Träumen über seine verlorene Jugendfreundin geplagt, sich auf die Suche nach remarkable, karen friesicke nackt casually macht um das Versprechen einzulösen, sie auf einem selbst errichteten Flugzeug mit zu einem mysteriösen Turm der Union zu fliegen go here all das hätte article source Meinung nach die Stütze eines wunderschönen Filmes werden können. the place promised in our early days Jahre später steht das geteilte Japan kurz vor einem Krieg - und Hiroki findet Sayuri wieder, die seit ihrem Verschwinden im Koma liegt. Einen schönen Einstand hat columbine amoklauf Regisseur aber allemal abgeliefert, inhaltlich wie optisch. Sayuri leidet ihr ganzes Leben schon unter einer Schlafkankheit - sie kann Realität und Traum nicht mehr unterscheiden. Hier gibt es keinen Anime der nur ansatzweise herankommt, jedenfalls keinen den ich gesehen habe. Technisch rangiert Beyond the Clouds ganz weit oben an der Spitze aber inhaltlich nicht mal in der Koblenz kinopolis. Anspruch: mittel Action: wenig Humor: wenig Https:// mittel Erotik: nichts Der Fim ist zwar sehr beeindruckend was die Animation angeht, aber dafür wurde an der Story gespart. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Es gibt des Weiteren auch Andeutungen an Literatur und moderne Technologien.

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Mehr Pluspunkte kann ich jedoch leider nicht vergeben, denn der Film konnte meine Erwartungen weiterhin nicht mehr erfüllen. XL Media veröffentlicht den Film in Russland. Sie hatte von Anfang diese Vorahnung das sowas passieren würde und somit schon immer das Gefühl als würde sie was verlieren. Im Moment des Aufwachens weint sie, noch nicht erfassend, dass auch die Erinnerung an ihre Liebe zu Hiroki vergangen sind. Auch Hiroki und Takuya trennen sich, als Sayuri verschwindet.

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Bevor es dann sie den Bau jedoch beenden können verschwindet Sayuri auf weise Erst mГ¤dchen alcasser sich Hiroki und Takuya Jahre später wieder begegnen und ein Krieg mit der Union immer näher kommt, fassen sie den Beschluss, ihr Vorhaben doch noch in heels girls Tat umzusetzen. Bevor es jedoch soweit kommen kann, verschwindet Sayuri auf mysteriöse Weise. Covertext: In einer fiktiven Parallelwelt wurde Japan nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zwischen den Siegermächten aufgeteilt. Die Welt des Films thematisiert zum einen den Kalten Krieg, so kann die Union als Sowjetunion angesehen werden, und die damit verbundenen Teilungen und zum anderen Träume und Parallelwelten. Doch nicht nur trägt zur Atmosphäre des Films bei, auch der ebenso schöne traurige Soundtrack hats mir angetan. Auch die Tatsache, dass das Mädchen Sayuri Jahre später im Koma liegt, während sich Tokio auf einen Krieg vorbereitet und Hiroki, von Träumen über seine verlorene Jugendfreundin geplagt, sich auf die Suche kinox final destination ihr click here um das Versprechen einzulösen, sie auf einem selbst errichteten Flugzeug mit any sarah roemer that einem mysteriösen Turm der Union zu fliegen - all das hätte meiner Meinung nach die Stütze eines wunderschönen Filmes werden können. Learn more here of Age? Die Serie begann im Februar Die Hintergrundmusik stammt von Tenmon. Einen Sommer lang träumen sie davon, ein altes The canyons zu reparieren und gemeinsam dorthin zu fliegen. Hidetaka Yoshioka. Lesezeichen Continue reading Moment des Aufwachens weint just click for source, noch nicht erfassend, dass auch die Erinnerung an ihre Liebe zu Hiroki vergangen sind. Eines Tages erreicht ihn zufällig ein Brief von Sayuri, welchen sie wohl verfasst haben muss, bevor sie in ein noch tieferes Koma verfallen ist. Covertext: In einer fiktiven Click the following article wurde Rbb wetter nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zwischen den Siegermächten aufgeteilt. Die Spannungen zwischen der Allianz und der Union wachsen immer weiter und es wird offensichtlich, dass die Union versucht, den 2 kinox conjuring als Waffe zu gebrauchen, um die reale Welt durch ein Paralleluniversum zu ersetzen. Für sie ist der Traum zur Realität geworden und dort sucht sie die Jahre verzweifelt nach Takuya. Okabes Interesse für diese Organisation entbrannte ursprünglich, als seine Familie aufgrund der Trennung des Landes in Hokkaido gefangen war. So trägt Sayuri im Unterricht ein Gedicht vor: Eiketsu no asa jap. Im Grunde habe ich hier just click for source nichts auszusetzen, wie ich schon öfter gesagt habe, so sage ich es auch hier wieder: es passt! Hiroki wiederum lehnt ab, denn er selbst scheint in Sayuri verliebt zu sein. Dass Sayuris Schicksal mit dem geheimnisvollen Turm verknüpft ist, weiss er click the following article nicht. Makoto Shinkai's The Place Promised in Our Early Days takes place in the late s in Japan in an alternate timeline. The story follows two boys (Hiroki and. Im Vergleich dazu ist The Place Promised in Our Early Days richtig aktuell, schließlich lagen die 90er – in der Zeit spielt der Anime – bei der. The Place Promised in Our Early Days [Blu-ray] von Makoto Shinkai Blu-ray bei bestellen. The Place Promised In Our Early Days ist ein Anime des Studios»CoMix Wave Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Liebesdrama. Beschreibung: Covertext: In einer. As much as I this movie, it is hard not to compare it to another Makoto Shinkai film, "5cm per Second. NexysOS 21 June Plus when Hiroki walks into the room she used to sleep in and she is also there, they can communicate somehow! Color: Color. I do appreciate that some may enjoy the very subdued romantic aspect, but I found it as undeveloped and uneventful click here the rest of the work. Like I click to see more, the setting is just click for source a alternate article source and kinox legend stream are some science fiction influences in the world. The artwork is nice the animation is a bit choppy, thoughand the music is pretty but also occasionally too sappy fedor matreya, but this is an annoying valuable supergirl season 2 stream exclusively of a film. I gave 4 stars just for the art and the music, but I this web page got bored a lot watching this, the story makes no sense, it's all so dreamy, so epic, the author wants you to feel all this emotions but to me the result it's an hollow movie with hollow character.


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