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miriam höller hot

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Miriam Höller Hot Video

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Forcing the furrow open- ers a little ahead by means of the tongue adjustment will cause the hill Fig. In testing for accuracy of check by digging up hills, select hills pretty close behind the planter.

Ad- justing the neckyoke straps will also affect the check. The adjustment shown in Fig. Uniform tension in the check wire must be maintained if accurate check- ing is to result.

Some drivers even go so far as to make allowance for the expansion and contraction of the check wire due to varying temperature from day to day, but this is getting too par- ticular to be practical.

It is practical, however, where planting is being done up and down a slope, to pull the wire lighter when setting the high stake.

Uniform Depth of Planting In planting over a rough field, a more uniform depth can often be se- cured by floating the furrow openers, but when this is done the operator should keep the openers under foot control so that the shoes may be forced to their depth in dry spots and kept from planting too deep in moist, soft spots.

There are a number of shoe gauges now on the market which attach to shoes to insure uniform depth when floating is desirable.

Such attachments should prove valuable if properly used where the conditions demand. String- ing of the hill may be caused by a dirt in the boot, and b by a spread check arm.

Trouble from the first cause will probably be due to the team having set back on the planter while the shoes were still in the ground.

Clean out the boot bottom thoroughly and the rest of the remedy is obvious. If the check arm is spread as is shown at B in Fig.

By means of a ham- mer, drive the arm halves together to their original position, but in so doing care must be taken not to get the halves so closely together that binding of the wire will result.

The check arm halves can be left straight as shown at A in Fig. If this is determined to be the cause, new parts must usually be supplied.

Clutch Troubles Clutches on the various planters differ so widely in design that no spe- cific rules can be given that would apply to all makes.

Failure of the clutch to grip or release can often be overcome by thoroughly cleaning the parts, and if the striking forces are worn round, new parts may have to be secured.

On most planters this means but slight expense and a little patience. Timing the Plate Rims Breakage may necessitate removal of the rim which drives the plate.

If the plate rim is out of time with the pinion, inaccuracy will result because the plate itself will not stop at the proper time. On some, machines the cog teeth of the rim and pinion are so marked or constructed that it is very easy to ascertain the proper relation between the two castings.

Before removing the rim the operator should carefully seek any such guides so that he may know just how to replace the parts.

If no guide is found on the arm and on the shaft pinion, make a mark on each by means of a cold chisel, and then in replacing parts bring these two marks into the same relation to each other as at first.

It sometimes happens that after replacing a rim or adding a new one, it breaks as soon as it revolves.

This is due to non-timing. The dou- ble disc has less penetrating ability than the single disc, but covering can be more easily accomplished after it.

In hard, thrashy ground, then, the disc opener should prove preferable to the shoe opener, but in a well pre- pared seed bed, well free from surface trash, the shoe is strongly advocated because of its simplicity.

The planter with disc openers cannot be consid- ered a heavy draft implement, but the discs carry bearings which must work in soil and one may always expect trouble with such a combination.

If the eye cannot decide the mat- ter the hand may be employed to corroborate or disprove ; but the eye should be the main dependence and the hand used only as a last resort.

A famous veterinary teacher once called upon his senior students to ex- amine a lame horse and state in writ- ing what they thought was the cause of lameness.

The horse had a splint, one sidebone and a small ringbone affecting the lame leg. To one or other of these three unsoundnesses each student in turn attributed the lameness.

Having collected the reports he told the smith who was standing by, to remove the shoe from the lame foot. Then a majority of the students no- ticed for the first time that the sole of the foot was covered with a thick leather pad.

When the leather came off puss spurted from a nail prick wound which had been purposely hid- den. Seek to deal with men of known integrity in business.

Better visit the stable when not expected and see the horse in the stall. There some things can be learned that will not be seen when the horse is warmed up.

You should be able to enter and leave the stall on the left side of the horse, without being received with a bite or expelled with a kick.

Note, too, if the horse digs a hole in the floor by pawing, or chews his manger and hay rack, which may indicate cribbing and wind suck- ing, or weaves from side to side, or pulls back on the halter.

The hopping may indicate spavin lameness, which quickly disappears when the horse is warmed up. The symp- toms of the latter disease become more apparent as the horse backs out of the stall, but quickly subside with slight exercise.

This will be more certainly the case if the horse is turned loose ir j deep snow, or plowed land, or in a straw bedded pad- dock.

This commonly is done. Some- times an old plug that has scarcely animation enough to get out of its own way will kick up, strut and trot, proud as a peacock, when suddenly the halter shank, previously cut part way through breaks and the old pilgrim imagines he has broken loose by his own great strength.

This trick is often tried. Maybe he cannot stand at ease. If a foot hurts, soon that foot will be thrust forward; if two hurt each wilf be thrust forward ; if two hurt, each will be advanced turn about; if four hurt the horse will rest each foot in turn.

And do not forget to walk around the horse that every part may meet the eye. Often one side is a pretty pic- ture, the other marred.

See both sides, for often the animal is turned toward the wall if an eye is out, a big bare spot present or some unsound- ness there that had best be kept hid- den.

The tour of inspection around the horse discloses such blemishes. Don t get too close to the horse when making the preliminary exam- ination.

Ex-Governor Hoard, of Wis- consin, once said that in farm business matters a man may hold a cent piece so close to his eye that it keeps him from seeing a big silver dollar a little further off.

So if one rushes up and grabs a foot, before viewing what the French term, the tout ensemble — the assemblage of all points— he misses the comprehensive estimate of the horse as a whole and that is of most importance.

When one has looked the horse over from a little distance and from all points of view and has seen how the animal stands and be- haves it will be time enough to scru- tinize each component part of his an- atomy.

First we shall see him move away and back, at a walk, then at a trot, and finally we shall gallop him. Many sound horses grunt when so threatened, or even when one goes to mount.

Usually they will quickly appear if the horse is given all the hay and water he wants and then is gal- loped.

Roaring sometimes is tempora- rily relieved by plugging the nostrils with a sponge or squeezed half lemon. Discharge is also prevented by this means.

It is best to locate these at once than have them sneezed into the feed box when the horse is yours.

Lameness should be absent. If the horse passes muster when in motion and his style, action and conformation are suitable, he next may be critically examined as he stands at rest.

He should stand square and firm on each foot. The profile of the front and back of each leg should show no abnormal bends, curves, puffs, swellings, or lumps.

If any one of these things is seen its nature will have to be carefully determined. The eyes should be sound and of the same color.

The pupils should dilate in the dark and contract when the horse is brought into the light. The ears should neither be absolutely unused, nor ab- normally active.

The former may in- dicate deafness ; the latter, impaired vision, nervousness or vice. See that a thread from ear to ear under the forelock, does not keep lop ears upright and that a leaden ball, suspended from a thread in the ear, is not preventing undue motion.

The horse should let one handle his ears, his poll back of ears , the top of the neck, where the collar will bear, and the withers, where fistulous openings or their scars so commonly are found.

Handle each part upon which har- ness will have to bear and see that it is sound and free from sores, tu- mors or abscesses.

The nostrils should be large, under command of the will, rosy pink inside, not slit and free from abnormal discharge. It should be strong, broad, straight, free from sores and well muscled.

Pinching the loins is un- necessary. A ticklish horse will squat when so handled but the test does not detect weak kidneys. Note that the ribs are well sprung, the underline fairly straight, the abdomen capacious, the flank not tucked up and the coupling short and strong.

See that no wounds or abscesses are present high up on the right flank, as the re- sult of tapping for flatulant colic.

Lift it and see that the black skin below is free from tumors, the anus clean, well pursed up, free from scurvy substances or streaks of mucous ; or, in the mare, that the.

Looking from the rear, compare one hip with the other. At each side of the tail is the tuberosity of the ischium.

Like the point of the hip ilium this often is fractured, leaving one side depressed. All parts of the shoulders, neck, barrel and hindquarters should be smoothly and deeply covered with sound muscles.

Now examine each hoof. Cracks, rings, ridges and meatiness should he absent, frogs and bars prominent, soles slightly concave, heels wide, coronets hoof heads open and strong, hoofs waxy, smooth and ample in size.

Ob- ject to a horse that has steep narrow heels with a deep cleft in frog, also one that has chronic corns, chronic thrush,. All joints should be large, clean, bony and strong.

This is of the greatest importance. The joints cannot be too large so long as the size is made up of large, clean sound bones, ligaments and tendons.

Beware of puffs, meati- ness and bony growths which give the wrong sort of size. The knees should have perfect flexion, no matter what work the horse has to do.

They should not be bent forward buck knees nor bent backward calf knees. Splints close to the knee are serious ; but low down, on an adult horse, they are practically harmless, unless struck by a shoe.

Splints, ring- bones and spavins are bony excres- censes. Splints come on the cannon bones, along the course of the splint bones small metacarpals and metatar- sals.

Ringbones are found high, medium or low, on the long pastern, and often involve the short pasterns. Bone spavins are found at the lower, front, inner aspect of the hock joints.

Bog spavins are soft bursal distensions of the hock joints, above and in front of the seat of bone spavins. A curb appears as a hard enlargement giving a rounded bulging contour to the profile of the back of the hock joint, looking from the side.

Splints are most easilv seen by standing in front of the horse, then examining further by feeling the parts involved, first with the foot standing down firm, then with it off the ground.

Ringbones are best seen from a side view of the profile of the long pas- tern. The hand may have to help in their detection. To examine for spav- ins look between the forelegs at the inner, lower profile of each hock.

Spavin may also be detected from a quartering view of the hock, or from the rear. Our stoves make life pleasanter in every home where they are in service.

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