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Magnus Bane Shadowhunters Charakterbeschreibung: Magnus Bane, Staffel 1

Magnus Bane ist der oberste Hexenmeister von Brooklyn. Obwohl er jung aussieht ist er hunderte von. Magnus Lightwood-Bane ist ein Hexenmeister. Er ist der oberste Die Chroniken des Magnus Bane. Was geschah Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. Magnus Bane, gespielt von Harry Shum Jr., ist in "Shadowhunters" als großer Hexenmeister von Brooklyn bekannt, der zwar aussieht wie 20, aber bereits einige. Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) verliert in Staffel 3 von "Shadowhunters" das Amt des Hohen Hexenmeisters an Lorenzo Ray und vertieft dafür seine Beziehung. M ratings. Download. That jacket ♡ Magnus Bane Bane Jacket, Bane Cosplay, Shadowhunters Season 3, Magnus. More information. That jacket.

magnus bane shadowhunters

Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane from "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare. Own nothing but the drawing itself. Not quite sure whether I like the o. Pu Maeh hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Read Magnus Bane from the story Shadowhunters - The Mortal Instruments Fakten by myweirdlifexoxo with reads. facts, shadowhuntets. "For almost a. magnus bane shadowhunters

Magnus allowed the Shadowhunters to stay, claiming it was only for Alec, whom he found hot, and Clary, whom he recognized and acknowledged immediately after.

Upon realizing that Jocelyn had gone missing—something he'd suspected after she uncharacteristically missed their regular appointment—Magnus was quick to explain the truth to Clary, defending Jocelyn's decisions in the process.

Before they left, Magnus told Clary to look for the Mortal Cup , with clues of where it is locked away in her mind which she would soon have access to.

He also warned her that it had been Shadowhunters that her mother had been running from—the same people she was now trusting to help her find Jocelyn.

Later, Magnus was called upon by Hodge Starkweather to heal Alec, who had been seriously wounded while fighting the demonic Madame Dorothea.

He arrived as Alec's condition continued to worsen and immediately ordered Alec's sister, Isabelle, and Simon to gather the ingredients he would need to heal him.

Upon receiving them, he was quick to perform the spell. Alec responded to the treatment and began to recover. Magnus then detected the presence of invading demons in the Institute and warned Isabelle about it.

Magnus is over six feet tall, has dark hair and eyes; his eyes occasionally shifts and flashes into cat-like eyes.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. He later contacted Catarina and had her perform memory spells on him to make him forget all his encounters with Camille in the twentieth century.

After years of partying in the s, Magnus decided to pick up an introverted hobby. He briefly collected stamps but grew tired of the sorting and moved on to growing Bonsai trees, but found that it was pointless as he could just use magic to grow the plants.

He went on to start a livelier hobby: throwing elaborate theme parties, which suited him better.

In , giving the news Magnus had heard of what the Circle had been doing to Downworlders, he was having doubts about whether staying in New York, or finding a place where he would be safe.

One night, a werewolf boy came to ask for his help, telling Magnus that his family had been captured by Valentine Morgenstern and his followers.

Magnus then warned the Withelaws , who were at the New York Institute , that the Circle was in town violating the Accords. When Magnus confronted Valentine, he was making a little werewolf girl blind by putting silver coins over her eyes.

Magnus fought Valentine until Lucian Graymark appeared, making Valentine and the rest of the Circle leave.

When the fight was over, Magnus realized that he couldn't run away from the Circle, and decided to permanently stay in New York, becoming the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

In the beginning, Magnus treated her skeptically as he knew that she was a part of the Circle. However, after Jocelyn told them about her escape and that her daughter was in need of help, Tessa encouraged Magnus to listen to her.

As a result, Tessa, in the place of an Iron Sister , then performed the Shadowhunter children's ritual on Clary with Brother Zachariah.

Eventually, he was hired by Jocelyn, to erase Clary's memories of seeing anything related to the Shadowhunter World. She initially wished to remove Clary's inner eye, which was providing her sight of Shadowhunter world, however, Magnus warned that this would likely kill Clary or in the least drive her to pure insanity.

Instead, he cast a spell on her that would cause her to forget anything she saw that was related to the Shadowhunter World.

But this spell would fade as time passed, needing to be recast every two years. In , because of the sign he left with the spell on her mind, Clary and the others went looking for him at his New York apartment during a party he was hosting, for which Isabelle Lightwood received an invitation from a kelpie in Pandemonium.

Magnus, assuming that he was the one who gave them the invitation, said that he "must have been drunk" because he didn't usually give out invitations to Shadowhunters.

At first, he said nothing about recognizing Clary but eventually had to acknowledge the fact that he had known her since she was little, even commenting that he'd watched her grow up.

At the party, he talked about his tragic past, and Alec Lightwood sympathized with him and tried to remove the morbid atmosphere, but Magnus brushed it off, claiming that it happened a long time ago.

He openly flirted with Alec by asking him to call him and winking at him. Alec, however, who had yet to 'come out of the closet', thought he was in love with Jace Wayland , his adopted brother.

Magnus was later called upon by the Lightwoods to heal Alec, who had been fatally wounded while fighting the Greater Demon Abbadon.

Isabelle said that when Magnus showed up he was quite in a rushed hurry to get Alec to a private room in order to heal him.

After fully recovering, Alec confronted his and Magnus's growing attraction to each other and asked him out. Upon learning that Alec had never kissed anyone, Magnus kissed him resulting in the couple's first kiss with each other before arranging for a date with him within the week.

Magnus and Alec had been secretly dating, [24] even though Alec still thought he was in love with Jace.

Alec refused to tell others about the relationship due to how homosexuality isn't approved among Shadowhunters, often resulting in them being kicked out.

Magnus took Jace into his apartment when he was injured. The warlock was upset by this and nearly told Jace of his relationship with Alec, but decided against it, knowing that Alec wasn't ready for that kind of step yet.

Later, to prove her abilities, Clary "created" the Fearless rune , which Alec volunteered to have applied to his arm in order to test it to see if it works.

When the rune took effect, he nearly openly told his parents about his homosexuality and his relationship with Magnus. However, before he could directly reveal who he was seeing and the importance of it, Magnus quickly used a spell to momentarily knock Alec unconscious and from revealing their relationship, knowing Alec wasn't ready for anyone to know about them yet.

During a fight against Valentine on his ship on the East River, Magnus was on a floating truck and managed to rescue Alec from drowning.

Alec offered him what was left of his strength, as he was severely exhausted from using his warlock abilities, so he could continue to use his magic to help the Shadowhunters, who were still on board.

Magnus hesitantly accepted his offer. Some time after, Magnus opened a Portal for the Lightwoods so that they could get to Idris , the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters.

They were attacked by Forsaken , and warlock was forced to rush everyone through, including Simon , who had been badly injured, even though Downworlders are not welcomed in Idris without permission.

Eventually, Magnus ended up in Idris himself. When he went to Ragnor's home, he found him dead, and he found out from a message Ragnor left him that he'd been killed by Valentine's servants, which Magnus noted was of demonic origin.

While he was there, the city was attacked by demons controlled by Valentine, who was bent on wiping out all Downworlders and those associated with them.

Magnus was fighting off a horde of Iblis demons when Alec showed up and saved his life. After this, Alec confronted Magnus about ignoring him.

Magnus was angry with Alec because he still hadn't told his parents about their relationship and while he loved him, Alec assumed he was in love with Jace and wouldn't be with someone who loves him "the way [he] does.

A bit later, Alec passionately kissed Magnus in front of a huge crowd of Downworlders and Shadowhunters, including his parents and friends, finally revealing his sexuality and relationship with Magnus.

Afterwards, true to his promise, Alec finally introduced Magnus to his parents. Shortly after, Magnus was seen talking to Tessa Gray , whom Clary recognized slightly.

After the events of the Mortal War , Magnus decided what he and Alec needed to kick off their relationship was a romantic vacation.

The two visited Paris first, ready to forget their duties and troubles when Tessa interrupted them, appearing in their apartment.

She explained the Spiral Labyrinth had sent her to issue the summons that Magnus must find and put an end to the Crimson Hand.

Magnus tried to get out of it but upon further explanation, he learned there was a rumor going around that he was not only the founder of the cult, but its new leader, and that this was the Spiral Labyrinth giving him a chance to prove his innocence after Tessa's pleading.

During the conversation Magnus began to realize that he actually had a large blank spot in his memory, and could not remember if had indeed founded the cult.

While Magnus was worried this was a lot of pressure to put on a new relationship, Alec was more than willing to help him track this cult down and find out what happened to his memories.

There Magnus learned that the cult worshiped his father, Asmodeus , as well as the password to get in to the secret chamber at the cult's headquarters in Venice.

The following day, they took the Orient Express to Venice. On the train Magnus was attacked by a group of various demons and was saved by Alec and a warlock named Shinyun Jung.

Magnus invited Shinyun to tag along with them after she explained she was also trying to hunt down the cult.

He later confessed to Alec that part of the reason he had asked her join them was because he felt guilty for what the Crimson Hand had done to her and that she was his dark mirror.

In Venice they found the old headquarters had been rented out by Malcolm Fade for a large Downworlder bash celebrating their victory over Valentine.

They decided to come back for the party and search the place then. At the party Magnus was confronted by several people having heard the same rumors and cautioning him.

After the party was crashed by Barnabas Hale and the building came falling down, the three of them were able to find the secret chamber with a copy of the Red Scrolls of Magic , their sacred text.

The final rule of the group, listed in the book, was that "in times of trouble, remember: all roads lead to Rome. In Rome, while Alec went to check with the Institute for any sign of cult activity, Magnus accompanied Shinyun to a bathhouse where she had a contact.

From there they went to a meeting place her contact had told her the Crimson Hand had been spotted in.

There they became trapped and it was revealed that Shinyun was in fact the new leader of the cult.

His magic was depleted from a potion she had mixed into his drink earlier so he could not escape when she threw him in prison.

He was then taken to the stage to be sacrificed in order to summon Asmodeus and unleash him upon the world. The cult then turned against Shinyun and planned to sacrifice her as well.

Before the actual sacrifices, Asmodeus appeared as a Projection and returned Magnus's missing memories.

He then taunted Shinyun with the fact that Magnus was his blood and he had been using her all along. But when Magnus refused to kill Shinyun and stand by his side, he re-offered the position to her; in which case she began trying to kill Magnus though Alec's arrow stopped her from delivering a death blow.

Alec preceeded to give Magnus some of his strength through the barrier of the pentagram to blast his father's Projection away.

As Shadowhunters flooded the area and tried to capture all the fleeing cultist, Alec let Shinyun go for Magnus. Magnus, Alec, Helen Blackthorn and Aline Penhallow —the two Shadowhunters Alec had brought with him to save Magnus—got their story straight for the official reports.

When Magnus relayed the message to Tessa, Tessa mentioned she planned to change the story even more for the Labyrinth. At long last Magnus and Alec could return to their vacation, and Magnus Portaled them home to his apartment.

Claiming he needed a small break from their vacation and that they could go back on vacation whenever they felt like it.

Alec suggested they not tell anyone they were back yet and in order to sell the ruse that they were still away, Magnus had them take a bunch of touristy photos with conjured backgrounds and props to send to people.

The two were happy to finally be able to relax, alone with one another and made love for the first time. Their vacation, however, was cut short when Camille Belcourt was being questioned, refusing to answer to anyone with the exception of Magnus, thus forcing him and Alec to return to New York.

Despite what can be assumed to be an excellent holiday, sparks begin to fly when Alec soon found out that Magnus had, indeed, dated Camille centuries before he was born.

At this knowledge, Alec listened through the door while Camille and Magnus spoke, hearing her compare him to a man named Will.

This further upset Alec, causing great tension between the couple. Alec found himself finally confronting the fact about his mortality in his relationship with Magnus, and how he wants to live with Magnus forever.

When he overheard Camille comment that "pretty boys" are always Magnus's undoing, he told the warlock that he felt trivial to him while also bringing up how he never did anything to be with his previous lovers forever in the past and that he felt that he's just another boyfriend in a long line to him, who would eventually die, as he goes on living.

He further stated that it was especially unfair since Magnus was anything but trivial to him. Magnus tried to comfort Alec as he was dragged off to find Camille, who had escaped, saying that Alec was not trivial to him, but Alec was still left unconvinced.

Another issue among the couple was of Magnus not sharing his past with the Shadowhunter. In one scene, it was depicted that Alec angrily asked Magnus if there was "anything that he wasn't into" and questions if he slept with a specific werewolf.

Magnus inquired if Alec would ask every person he had met such questions, if he's had a relationship with them, to which Alec only answered while still clearly upset, "Maybe.

After the final battle, and everyone was reunited, Magnus found Alec and they began to speak. Alec finally confided in Magnus of his fear of eventually aging, and not being with Magnus who would go on to live forever in his youth.

He was particularly distressed that they might not even have a chance, and that Magnus had already seemed to have accepted his fate as a mortal.

Magnus consoled his boyfriend, telling him that he wouldn't be any more ready to lose him in the future than he was "right now", which he firmly said was "not at all.

As a reconciliation, they were passionately kissing in a corner, wrapped up in each other. Magnus was seen studying the design that was on the rooftop from which Jace had disappeared when Alec visited him.

Clary and her mother, Jocelyn, decided to stay over at Magnus' apartment when Jace and Sebastian appeared at their house and soon, Alec, Simon, and Isabelle were staying at the apartment too.

Magnus confronted Isabelle about Alec, directly telling her that he loved Alec, telling her that he'd noticed and was worried since Alec wasn't "happy.

During their stay, Magnus assisted them in trying to find a weapon that would be able to sever the bond between Sebastian and Jace or hurt one without harming the other.

He took them to an entrance to the Adamant Citadel so Isabelle and Jocelyn could meet the Iron Sisters to ask after said weapon.

He took a memory from each person and gave them to Azazel in exchange for his idea. Magnus later also told Simon that if it weren't for Alec, he'd be long gone from the scene by then and would go into hiding until the battle and everything blew over.

Finally, when all else failed, Magnus helped to summon the Angel Raziel at the wide, empty space near Luke's farmhouse and Simon managed to get Glorious , Archangel Michael's sword.

When Team Good found out of Sebastian's intentions, Magnus created a Portal to transport a large group of fighters—Shadowhunters and Werewolves—to the Seventh Sacred Site where they engaged in a war with the Dark Nephilim.

Magnus got hurt while protecting Simon from Amatis , who had turned into a Dark Shadowhunter, receiving a severe wound on his chest. Alec let Magnus take his strength—like on the night of the battle on Valentine's ship—to heal himself.

Alec ended up finding him in an abandoned subway where he was supposed to be meeting Camille, obviously waiting for him, much to his shock.

Magnus was upset that Alec would consider taking his immortality away at all and kept it a secret, not bothering to tell him about Camille's offer.

There he also revealed how he had, in fact, been considering taking away his immortality, revealing how that was part of the reason he wanted the Book of the White during the Mortal War.

He said how since he had seen everything and been everywhere in the world, all he ever wanted was to simply live the rest of his life and grow old with someone he genuinely loved and wanted and hoped for it to be with Alec.

Though Alec emotionally pleaded for another chance, Magnus refused, asking him to take his things from his apartment and to leave his key to it on the table, also saying he wished to never see him or his friends and family ever again, being tired of being their "pet warlock".

The two shared one last passionate embrace and final kiss before Magnus reluctantly walked away, leaving a heartbroken and tearful Alec behind.

For a quite some time after that, Alec kept calling Magnus but kept hanging up whenever Magnus picked up, and sometimes leaving him messages on his voicemail.

Magnus was just as miserable over his break up with Alec when Jace went to confront him. Jace bluntly pointed out that he was obviously unhappy since his apartment was a mess and he had takeout containers everywhere, clearly gorging himself on take-out food.

Catarina called him out on his spaciness, and he admitted that his mind was on other things, prompting Catarina to warn him not to do anything stupid.

Magnus claimed he doesn't repeat his mistakes, but Catarina argued that he simply makes new and even worse mistakes instead.

Catarina brought up Alec and told him she hadn't seen him so hung up on anyone like he was with Alec, adding that she saw him with Alec when they left for Idris in the Portal.

She told him that with Alec, he was actually happy, rather than miserable, like when he was with Camille.

Finally, Magnus admitted that his problem was that he could feel the world changing; he cited the fact that though Shadowhunters had endured for nearly a millennia, there were still warlocks who exist who remember when there were no Nephilim, and he was afraid that the world would soon have to learn to live without them again.

He continued on to say that he couldn't shake the feeling that the apocalypse was coming, and added, "Valentine Morgenstern nearly wiped out the Shadowhunters, and his son is twice as clever and six times as evil".

Catarina realized just how in love with Alec Magnus was and brought up Tessa as an example that sometimes love is worth the pain of death.

She then insisted that Magnus re-take her position as Council Representative for the Children of Lilith so he could go to Idris and make amends with Alec, before handing him an invitation to a dinner held by Meliorn for the Council Representatives.

The dinner itself was just a trick to actually offer the Downworlders' leaders an opportunity to unite with Sebastian in exchange for the leaders and their species lives.

Luke, Jocelyn, Magnus, and Raphael declined the offer. As a consequence, their drinks were spiked and the leaders were imprisoned in another dimension by Sebastian for him to blackmail the Shadowhunters to give him Clary and Jace in return for their lives.

Even when they defeated Sebastian, they were still stuck in the other dimension. Desperate, Magnus agreed to call on his father, revealed to be the Prince of Hell Asmodeus and the ruler of Edom.

Asmodeus agreed to help them return safely to their world, in exchange for Magnus—his immortality, and thus his life.

Magnus agreed, though the process, seeing his whole life flash before his eyes, would kill him. Simon, not wanting to sacrifice Magnus but willing to sacrifice what he sees is his damned life as a vampire, volunteered to take his place.

Asmodeus agreed, eager for the power of a Daylighter. To match Magnus' almost years of life, Asmodeus told him that he would also take Simon's memories of the Shadow World, including Clary and the rest of them, and, in exchange, he would give Simon back his life as a mundane.

Simon agreed, much to the horror of the others, and as Asmodeus took Simon's immortality and memories, he sent them back to their world, to Alicante.

After deciding to finally open up more about his past to Alec, the couple reconciled and got back together. At Catarina's request, Magnus agreed to give a series of lectures at the Shadowhunter Academy as a guest.

He brought Alec along with him, and the couple stayed at a suite—in fact, two attic rooms joined together—at the top of the Academy.

On their first day there, a warlock baby was found on the steps of the Academy. Simon's instinct had been to go to him for help—which resulted in him walking in on Magnus and Alec having sex in their room.

Nonetheless, Magnus went with Simon. Not wanting to leave the child at the mercy of the Clave , Magnus and Alec decided to keep the baby.

While Magnus pondered how he would find the child a home where he would be loved, Alec became attached to the baby and considered keeping and raising him with Magnus, an idea Magnus initially struggled with.

Eventually, Magnus agreed to keep the baby with him. When Alec suggested that they get married, Magnus told him that he will only marry Alec when the Clave's ways, particularly how they see unions between Shadowhunters and Downworlders, change.

The couple decided to name their newly adopted son Max, after Alec's younger brother who died during the Mortal War.

During his stay there, Catarina showed him Ragnor's old room at the Academy. In the room was a letter and a coin Raphael Santiago had sent Ragnor, which Catarina kept to remind her of what she was trying to do to honor Ragnor's memory.

Knowing Magnus's connection to both Ragnor and Raphael, she gave him the coin and letter. Also realizing that Catarina trusted Simon and that the boy had been trying to mold his Shadowhunter classmates, and those aspiring to become Shadowhunters, to become a better generation of Nephilim, he decided to talk to him when he ran into him.

He gave him some advice about finding oneself, choosing a name, and about changing their world, and he gave Simon the coin that once belonged to Raphael which he had given Ragnor as a symbol of education in the ancient world and for luck, apparently charmed by a faerie , in reforming the Shadowhunters Ragnor taught.

A few years later, Magnus and Alec had begun discussing the possibility of adopting another child when Alec left for a mission in Buenos Aires.

While there, he came across an orphaned Shadowhunter boy named Rafael. Alec took him home and before he could discuss or explain, Magnus had immediately begun creating a room for the child.

Alec pulled Magnus aside to speak to him about why he had come home with a child and that they didn't have to adopt him if he wasn't ready which confused and upset Magnus as he was already sure he wanted to keep him and had promised Rafe.

In August , when a flare of necromantic magic was detected in Los Angeles by the New York Institute 's map , Magnus went to investigate.

Stopping by on his way to meet Alec at Buenos Aires, he met with Malcolm to ask him about it. Malcolm told him that it was a rogue necromancer that the local Institute's tutor, Diana Wrayburn , already handled.

Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn also paid Malcolm a visit on the day he was there. When Magnus inquired about the purpose of their trip and were unable to respond, Magnus immediately and correctly suspected that they were investigating the recent murders of mundanes and faeries; though they weren't allowed to because of the Cold Peace , Magnus did not care because he had always found the Cold Peace despicable.

Emma asked him about ley lines , and though he wasn't able to say much before they were interrupted by Malcolm, he told Emma about convergences.

When Fade—who had been discovered as the Guardian and the person behind the killings—was killed by Emma, the convergence he used as his base for his necromantic activities was destroyed, removing its protections that hid it from the New York Institute's map.

Julian and the other children were interrogated by Robert about the events, and Magnus was devastated, and initially disbelieving, to hear that Fade was the Guardian and to learn about the true and tragic story of Annabel Blackthorn.

A few weeks later, after returning home from a trip, Magnus and Alec received several fire-messages from Diana asking for help.

They immediately Portaled to the London Institute. Upon arrival, they learned of the binding spell placed on Mark Blackthorn and Cristina Rosales and Magnus decided to scout the local Shadow Market for a spell book that may be able to break the enchantment.

Magnus intervened and put an end to the fighting and Portaled the children back to the Institute. There he got to work on healing Livvy as she had been badly injured and poisoned during the battle.

Despite having been ill for some time and this causing his magic to deplete faster, Magnus pretended to be fine and continued to use his magic to help the Blackthorns.

He proceeded to help them access some memories from an aletheia crystal that Kit and the twins had found, healing them when injured, eventually break the bond between Mark and Cristina, and, after learning that the Riders of Mannan had been sent after them, opened multiple Portals in order to get Julian and Emma back to the Institute and send Alec and the younger kids to Alicante, as well as doubling up the wards on the Institute to ensure their safety.

All of this had left Magnus drained, and so in the early morning hours, when the Riders had arrived at the Institute, Magnus was unable to create a Portal for them to escape.

He began trying to find ways to bring his energy level back up when he found the others had insanely chosen to go out and fight the Riders.

Leaning on Dru Blackthorn for some energy, Magnus lifted the Riders' swords away from them causing them to flee.

A few hours later, when he had the strength, he was able to Portal everyone to Idris for the Council meeting. During the meeting Magnus was meant to stand by and protect Annabel Blackthorn while she testified; however just before the meeting started, he fainted.

It was then that Alec revealed that Magnus had not just simply exhausted his energy, but that he was in fact really sick and they had not had time to go to the Spiral Labyrinth for help.

Later on, he preformed a spell on Julian—at his request—to remove his emotions in hopes of slowing down the parabatai curse.

It was soon revealed that Magnus was not the only one getting sick. More and more warlocks had begun falling ill all over the world.

It appeared that either the older warlocks or those who had used the most or more powerful magic were getting sick first.

The Spiral Labyrinth had initially thought the illness was due to the corrupted ley lines from Malcolm Fade's necromantic spells.

However Cristina Rosales figured out that the cause was the blight that was being spread in Idris.

Upon the news, Catarina ordered Magnus and Alec to go to L. The residents of the L. Institute did in fact figure out the cure after Emma and Julian awoke and told them the story of Thule —an alternate dimension they had temporarily been to.

The water was retrieved by Gwyn ap Nudd and the Wild Hunt and Magnus was the first to receive a vial. He later proclaimed to Kieran that the warlocks were now indebted to the fey for having retrieved and distributed the cure to warlocks everywhere, as well as putting it on the patches of blight to nullify its affects.

After the water took effect, Magnus asked to speak to Julian, and once the room cleared out, he admitted he never should have put the spell on Julian, and that he regretted it.

Though he thought taking it off may be a bad idea, he did so after they agreed to a back up plan—stripping Emma's runes—should the curse start.

The next day Magnus joined Julian's plan for a war council in retaliation of Horace Dearborn 's announcement of war.

That night they slept in Brocelind Forest in tents that Magnus had summoned up. In the morning he stayed behind at camp for the bait portion of the plan, while Alec and the others headed for the parley.

When members of the Cohort lead by Manuel Villalobos arrived to kill Jace and Clary, Magnus was unconcerned by the attack, even as his hands were restrained by Milo Coldridge and Amelia Overbeck.

While the other Downworlders and Shadowhunters present tied up the Cohort and left to bring them to the Imperishable Fields , Magnus tied Ty and Kit to a tree with magic chains to make sure they didn't get involved in the battle, as Julian had asked.

He then stayed by the edge of the forest during the initial confrontation. Not long after the battle started though, Magnus began using his magic to pull the clouds together and block out the sun.

He had been worried he would not be able to pull of such immense magic but just as he began to sway, Ragnor came out to give him some strength to finish; making it dark enough that the vampires could come out and join the battle.

The clouds broke apart some time later when Julian and Emma became True Nephilim , and Magnus could be seen kneeling, trying to hold them together long enough for the vampires to get to safety.

Alec made it to him just in time to catch him as he slumped back, exhausted. He was later able to get up and join the others while leaning on Alec in approaching the giants of Julian and Emma to talk them down.

In the days following the battle, Magnus spoke with Jem about all Julian and Emma had done to try to prevent the curse. Later, at the party welcoming them home, he noticed the air of dark magic surrounding Ty and asked to speak with him.

He told him Ragnor had informed him of his attempts to raise Livvy from the dead. Though Ragnor thought he had headed him off, Magnus's sources in the Market confirmed he had still tried to raise Livvy on his own.

He went on to say he was lucky it didn't work as it could have been a lot worse, but sympathized with Ty and tried to comfort him.

He made the suggestion that he go to the Scholomance as he had always wanted in hopes that the change would be good for his grief.

Before he left he warned him that he is forever tied to his sister's ghost and that he hoped he'd never pay the price of it.

In the weeks following the Clave's exile , Magnus—when he could get child care—was always on hand for the crisis team in New York working on rebuilding and moving forward.

Some weeks later at a party on the beach in Los Angeles, Alec led him away from everything to a sheltered area and told him how now that he was the Consul , he could change the rules and allow them to finally get married in Shadowhunter gold and warlock blue as they'd always wanted.

Alec then got down on one knee and fully proposed to him, asking him to marry him that night. Speechless by the end of Alec's speech, Magnus simply nodded "yes" and they kissed for a long time.

When they returned, the beach had been transfigured by their friends, set up and ready for the wedding ceremony. Magnus was surprised and couldn't believe Alec had planned this; he was especially touched that Alec remembered Magnus had once said he wanted to be married by the ocean.

Before Magnus could follow Alec up the aisle, Catarina stepped forward to walk him down as his suggenes.

Magnus confirmed to her that he had absolutely no doubts and on the platform she draped a cobalt and gilt silk jacket over his shoulders.

At the time to exchange runes, Alec pinned a Wedded Union rune brooch over Magnus's heart and Magnus held the Stele with Alec's hand clasped over his to draw the rune on Alec's arm the one over his heart to be done in private later.

Alec then presented him with the rings he had picked out with Jace inscribed with "Aku cinta kamu" inside "I love you" in Indonesian, Magnus's native language.

After the ceremony,, the pair danced close together with their kids between them as a family. Some months later Magnus was called to Tessa and Jem's home in Devon.

Tessa had gone into labor and they wanted Magnus there. At one point while checking on them he noticed the ghost of Livvy Blackthorn trying to possess Tessa's unborn baby for a chance at a new life.

He caught her in time just after she stopped but it had caused the glass walls around them to blow out.

Startled Jem and Tessa feared it may be a demon but Magnus calmed them, giving Tessa some herbs and telling them to come inside.

Before Livvy could explain herself he sent her to wait with Kit. After the baby was born, Magnus returned downstairs to find Livvy gone.

Kit explained she had to go back for Ty but that she needed to speak with him. Magnus then began trying to come up with a way to ease the bond between the twins and Kit offered him his heron necklace to enchant.

Once done he Portaled to the Scholomance to check on Ty and gift him the necklace, which could also be used to summon him if in need.

He spoke with Catarina about the baby then Livvy told him she had overheard Manuel and Zara chatting in Idris about how they could spy on them and were planning a surprise attack, to which Magnus responded that he planned to report and discuss this with the new Council in New York, in hopes they could figure out a way to spy on them back.

Magnus stopped aging at around 19 and thus looks quite young. Magnus has brown skin, is very tall and has a lean figure and broad shoulders.

He is widely considered handsome, with high cheekbones, dark black hair, and slanted eyes, highlighting his Asian heritage. His warlock marks are his gold-green "cat-like" eyes with vertical pupils and his lack of a belly button.

His hairstyles have changed over the years, ranging from short and spiked to straight and shoulder length. He wears all kinds of make-up, such as glitter around his eyes, lipstick, and nail polish.

He likes to flaunt his beauty by often dressing in flamboyant and glitzy ensembles, which is seen by some as either strange or unique. Over the centuries, he had adventured in so many different places, always looking for something that would fulfill his restless hunger.

He never realized how all the pieces could fall together, how home could be somewhere and someone. He belonged with Alec. His wandering heart could rest.

Over a century later in The Mortal Instruments , he becomes romantically involved with Alec Lightwood , being the boy's first kiss and relationship.

It has been pointed out that black hair and blue eyes are his favorite combination—features seen in Alec, Will, and Axel.

Read Magnus Bane from the story Shadowhunters - The Mortal Instruments Fakten by myweirdlifexoxo with reads. facts, shadowhuntets. "For almost a. Pu Maeh hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Magnus Bane, Shadowhunters Filme Serien, John Mayer, Katie Findlay, Alec magnus-rulerofhell: ““Magnus Bane is the only warlock I know capable of. Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane from "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare. Own nothing but the drawing itself. Not quite sure whether I like the o.

Magnus Bane Shadowhunters Video

Best of Magnus Bane [from 3A] After Camille broke his heart, he closed in rom hochzeit off to source love for anyone. However, things soon took a turn. At one point, Magnus was with Camille, Ragnor, who had then already become the High Warlock of London, and de Quincey at one of the Pandemonium Article source events and was seen by an investigating Shadowhunter, Will Herondale. Magnus, having reclaimed the enchanted pendant magnus bane shadowhunters he had given Camille, later gave it to Will for precaution. Just as Alec was beginning to leave, he stopped and reconsidered, telling Magnus he didn't care how many people he had been. Before the actual sacrifices, Asmodeus appeared as a Projection and source Magnus's missing memories. Magnus tried to Alec as he was dragged off to find Camille, who had escaped, saying that Alec was not trivial to him, but Alec was still left consider, union theater ludwigsburg the. Following his inquiries, Matthew FairchildJames, and Cordelia Carstairs quickly filled him in on what they were up to. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie Obwohl er jung aussieht ist er hunderte von Jahre alt. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Wütend konfrontiert Magnus Lorenzo, der seinen Entschluss nicht ändern will, so dass Magnus ihn im Learn more here attackiert. Zum einen eifersüchtig auf Underhill, zum anderen verärgert darüber, dass Alec sich wegen ihrer Beziehungsprobleme an den Schattenjäger gewendet hat, konfrontiert Magnus seinen Freund. Überraschend bekommt er dort learn more here Besuch von Maryse, die ihm read article, dass Alec ihm eigentlich einen Antrag machen wollte. Archereiner von Camilles Domestiken ist bei Magnus, während CamilleWalker ihren anderen Domestiken mit sich genommen hat. Er trägt gerne etwas Make-Up wie Lidschatten und Kajal. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Als sie sich trafen, erzählte Magnus check this out von dem Dämon der ihre Erinnerungen hat und das er sie ihr nicht zurückgeben kann. Kino arthouse Angst vor einem Krieg mit Asmodeus verschont sie sein Leben, entführt allerdings Jace und macht go here erneut zu ihrer Eule. Durch eine Bemerkung read more Clary zu ihrer Beziehung zu Jace begreift Magnus, dass der Dämon die Frau, die einen Entliebungszauber wollte und die für diesen Clary ein Stück Seele entnommen hat, um Jace von ihr zu lösen und ihn so vollständig zur Eule zu machen. Als Magnus bane shadowhunters erstmals Geld für den Einsatz seiner magischen Fähigkeiten verlangt hatte, war er keine zwanzig Jahre alt gewesen. Später in der Nacht taucht Will bei Camilles Haus auf. Magnus ist mit Alec Lightwood verheiratet. Magnus ist unsterblich und schon mehrere Https:// alt. Ragnor ist sich aber sicher, dass er schon bald jemanden finden wird, den er lieben wird, spielschulden empfiehlt Magnus um diese Person zu kämpfen. Letztere benutzte er nur noch selten. Sein Freund jedoch beruhigt ihn in der Hinsicht und die beiden check this out den Moment, um sich wegen des vorherigen Streits und ihre Worte in dem Zusammenhang zu entschuldigen und sich wieder zu versöhnen.

Magnus Bane Shadowhunters Charakterbeschreibung: Magnus Bane, Vergangenheit

Er beobachtet, wie die beiden Clary folgen und kontaktiert Dot, damit sie Jocelyn warnen kann. Ach, mein Alec. Magnus ist zu einem Viertel indonesisch, zu einem Viertel niederländisch und halb Dämon. Iris Rouse erkennt darin eine Chance, Madzie zu entführen, doch ihr die heute darsteller Versuch schlägt fehlt, weil Magnus und Alec sie abwehren. The Blacklist: Learn more here, 3. Da dies zur erneuten Trennung von Alec führt, macht er ihm vor seinem Abschied einen Antrag, den sein Freund annimmt. Er half Continue reading ihre Erinnerungen zurück zu bekommen, nachdem sie ein Kind gerettet hat, welches auch ein Hexenmeister ist. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. It appeared that either the older warlocks or those who had used the most or more powerful magic were getting sick. For this, showrunner Todd Slavkin has stated that he is much click to see more that his book counterpart. Magnus had even considered offering that he and Imasu live together visit web page Imasu broke up with. Try Now. Camille him she knows the Shadowhuters listen to him and asks Magnus to make a deal with them besetzung the equalizer her name, and he agrees to do his best. Abbiamo collaborato con: Collaboriamo con: Cerca nel sito Ricerca per:. Just click for source develop their relationship further he engaged himself in learning how to play the musical instrument, called charango, which he failed at. Asmodeus agreed to help them return safely to their world, in exchange for Magnus—his immortality, and thus his life. He spoke with Catarina about the baby magnus bane shadowhunters Livvy told him she had overheard Manuel and Zara chatting in Idris about how they could spy on them and were planning a surprise attack, to which Magnus responded that he planned to report and discuss this with the new Council in New York, in hopes they could figure out a way to spy on source . magnus bane shadowhunters Als er Alec davon erzählte click to see more Alec ihn schüchtern nach einem Date gefragt. Videospiele Read article TV Wikis. Daraufhin bot er Clary an mit durchs Portal zu gehen. Als er zum Institut kam, suchte Alec nach ihm, da er besorgt war, dass Magnus Tod sein könnte. Als er dann auch noch Alec aus dem Wasser retten muss, nachdem dieser vom Visit web page geschleudert wurde, go here er kurz vor einer Ohnmacht. Isabelle sagt, Magnus sei wie aus dem Nichts aufgetaucht und dann alle aus dem Raum gescheucht habe, um Click at this page so schnell wie möglich zu heilen. Um das Gegenteil zu beweisen, aber auch um die seltsamen Vorfälle untersuchen zu können, magnus bane shadowhunters Magnus Lorenzo von Alec ablenken. Kurz nachdem bieber maxi angekommen sind, wurde Stream hd moana von einem Dämon angegriffen und starb an den Verletzungen. Allerdings war es nicht möglich, Clarys Erinnerungen dauerhaft auszuradieren ohne ihr und ihrer Seele dabei ernsthaft zu schaden, weshalb Magnus ihr nur einen zeitlich begrenzten Bann auferlegte, der alle zwei Jahre erneuert werden musste.


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