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Eigentlich will Ex-Model Tara als Schauspielerin ganz groß rauskommen. Doch der ersehnte Erfolg in Hollywood bleibt aus. Stattdessen verdingt sie sich als Gespielin von Filmproduzent Christian. Der verzogene und sexsüchtige Jüngling hat Gefallen. The Canyons ist ein US-amerikanischer Erotikthriller aus dem Jahr mit Lindsay Lohan und dem Pornodarsteller James Deen in den Hauptrollen. Die Eröffnungseinstellungen von The Canyons – eine Reihe von Stillleben verlassener, heruntergekommener Kinos in (ausgerechnet) Los Angeles. The Canyons ein Film von Paul Schrader mit Lindsay Lohan, James Deen. Inhaltsangabe: Christian (James Deen) fehlt es an nichts. Als Produzent erotischer. - Kaufen Sie The Canyons by Lindsay Lohan günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details.

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– sind ohne Ende an The Canyons beteiligt. Die Hauptrollen übernahmen Skandalnudel Lindsay Lohan und Pornostar James Deen, Regie. - Kaufen Sie The Canyons by Lindsay Lohan günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. The Canyons ist ein US-amerikanischer Erotikthriller aus dem Jahr mit Lindsay Lohan und dem Pornodarsteller James Deen in den Hauptrollen. песни 2019 Horror. Schrader was reluctant at first, because he thought source was unlikely he would cast hd passion due to his background in porn. I was hoping this combination would create a B movie extravaganza willes bruce rival Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Christian Nolan Gerard Funk The film then cuts to Ryan leaving the building, with it ambiguous if they had sex or not. Crazy Credits. Tara agrees and is allowed to leave. Quotes Continue reading : Don't source, baby. the canyons

The two were struggling actors three years ago and madly in love; however, Tara grew tired of living hand to mouth and dumped Ryan.

Since then, Tara has dated a string of wealthy men as she sacrificed her acting career and real love in favor of becoming a kept woman.

Tara chides Ryan for texting her, as Christian has a habit of going through her phone's texts and call log to monitor her activities.

Ryan, still bitter over their break-up, accuses Tara of degrading herself for a life of luxury and accuses Christian of forcing Tara to degrade herself sexually.

Ryan presses Tara on the details of the polygamous lifestyle Christian has the two living, while Tara reminds Ryan that he is in a relationship with Gina and that she helped get the film financed and Ryan the role as the lead as a favor to her ex-boyfriend.

Tara demands they not see each other again. Christian visits an actress named Cynthia for casual sex but the encounter nearly ends when he starts choking her.

Christian confides that he thinks Tara is cheating on him, and that she has a mystery lunch date planned.

As they get dressed, Christian is forced out the house by an upset Cynthia. Tara meanwhile has lunch with Gina, who informs her that she will not be accompanying her to New Mexico, where Ryan's film is being shot.

Gina then gets a call from Christian, who is then told of Tara's decision to stay in Los Angeles. The film then cuts to Ryan, who is seen doing a photoshoot in swim trunks and desperately looking to get extra hours tending bar in order to make money.

When he talks to the manager about getting extra hours, the manager makes a pass at him before Ryan gets a text, which he uses as an excuse to leave his amorous boss.

The text was sent by Tara, who has changed her mind about not wanting to see Ryan. Unfortunately Christian has followed Tara to the house where they are having sex.

Christian orders him to pull a "prank" on Ryan: to call him and tell him that his boyfriend wants to fire him but that, if he sleeps with John, he would make sure that Ryan was not fired from the film.

Christian offers to take the blame if the prank goes wrong, but threatens to fire his boyfriend if he refuses to go along with the "prank".

Returning home, Christian grills Tara on her activities that afternoon and the subject of Gina and Ryan's attractiveness.

Christian asks Tara if she would have sex with Ryan if she could. Tara denies this as well as previously knowing Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan discovers Christian's daily schedule on Gina's computer, noticing that Christian has regular "yoga sessions" with Cynthia, who Ryan admits to knowing from acting school.

Ryan gets a text to meet with John and propositions him per Christian's demand. Ryan shocks John by asking him if he wants to have sex then and there, pulling out his penis so John could perform oral sex on him then and there if he desires to.

The film then cuts to Ryan leaving the building, with it ambiguous if they had sex or not.

Tara starts to receive texts, anonymously asking her about her relationship with Ryan and Christian.

Tara announces her intention to go see a movie with a friend named Amber. Before she leaves, Tara takes a shower and Christian steals her phone while she is in the bathroom so he can find out what Tara has been up to.

Before she leaves, Christian announces he intends to have a "visitor" come over later for sex. Tara visits Cynthia instead, who is revealed to have been Christian's girlfriend prior to his meeting Tara.

Cynthia tells Tara that she needs to leave Christian, pointing out his controlling nature and twisted sexual desires. Cynthia reveals that she sent the texts to Tara and the event that led to her splitting with Christian.

Christian drugged her and invited a group of strangers into their house to gangrape her and videotaped the entire thing.

When she found out, he brutally assaulted her, sending her to the hospital; at which point Christian threatened to leak the gang rape online if she told anyone about it.

Tara rejects Cynthia's warnings and implies she plans to "hurt" Christian. Christian has a friend hack into Ryan and Tara's Facebook pages and retrieve the texts the two sent from their phones.

He then has his friend hack into Ryan's bank account to steal his savings, but pauses for a moment after noticing a photo on Ryan's Facebook page.

Tara returns home, at which point she admits to lying to Christian and that she went to visit Cynthia instead. Christian acknowledges dating Cynthia but denies beating her or arranging her to be gang raped.

Suddenly Christian's phone rings; his dating app friend is about to arrive. Christian offers to cancel but Tara insists they go through with it.

The couple engages in an orgy with a couple who arrived at the house. During the orgy, the male guest forces himself onto Christian, which Tara eggs on as the male guest gives Christian a blow job while Tara watches.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cynthia was put up to warning Tara by Ryan, with it implied that the two are also former lovers.

Attacking the man following him, Ryan accuses him of working for Christian which he denies and destroys his phone.

When Ryan attempts to get money out of his bank account, he finds himself broke and realizes Christian hacked his back account. The next morning, Tara calls Ryan while Christian is asleep but no one answers.

When she tries to steal Christian's phone to make her call, she finds her cellphone with his. Christian wakes up and violently assaults Tara, as he reveals that he knows all about her and Ryan.

Gina, meanwhile, finds Ryan drinking and ask if anything is wrong. Ryan reveals that he has been through Gina's computer finding out about Christian including his seeing a therapist and then reveals the movie is not going to get made.

More so, Ryan reveals that he has been sleeping with Tara behind Ryan and Gina's back. Ryan also reveals that the affair has been going on longer than previously implied; that they had been sleeping with each other for a month, ever since Ryan auditioned for the lead in the film.

Gina dumps Ryan, who is unapologetic with his obsession with Tara and then announces she will do whatever it takes to keep Christian from killing the film and have Ryan fired and banned from the set.

At his therapist, Christian is focused solely on complaints over how Tara manipulated him into having homosexual relations the night before.

Christian rants about his deep-seated need for control over everything in his life, especially Tara, and how his interactions with his therapist are not the "real" Christian.

It's revealed that Christian's therapy sessions with Doctor Campbell Gus Van Saint are not voluntary; that per the terms of the trust fund that Christian lives off of, he must see Doctor Campbell on a regular basis and not miss a single appointment, lest his father dissolve the trust fund and leave Christian financially destitute.

The film then cuts to Christian and Ryan, both in their cars driving through downtown Los Angeles as Christian leaves a message on Ryan's voicemail.

Christian mocks Ryan's failed acting career and reveals the detailed information he has managed to obtain about Ryan's life and threatens him to leave town.

Christian then forces his way into Cynthia's house, where he accuses Cynthia of lying about being drugged and gangraped.

Christian also implies that Cynthia is only aiding Ryan in his pursuit of Tara, in order to break up Tara and Christian so she could get Christian back.

Cynthia denies Christian's conspiracy theory, but is then promptly murdered by Christian with a knife he brought with him.

After killing her, Christian picks up Cynthia's phone as Ryan calls her to warn her of Christian's threatening call. Christian mockingly accuses Ryan of causing Cynthia's murder as he rushes to her home, to find her dead body.

Returning home, Christian finds Tara packed up and ready to leave Christian. Christian apologizes for brutalizing her and agrees to let her leave their relationship, on two conditions: 1.

She must give him an alibi for his murder of Cynthia and 2. She must never have any contact with Ryan; if she refuses, he will murder Ryan and use his family's wealth and connections to get away with the crime.

Tara agrees and is allowed to leave. The film ends with a flash forward to several months in the future. Tara is living in Dubai and has a new boyfriend and has lunch with a friend.

The friend asks Tara about Gina's film and her involvement, as well as her relationship with Christian. Tara proclaims that she left the film project when she and Christian broke up.

The friend brings up Cynthia's death and how no one was ever arrested for the murder, though it's implied by the friend that Christian planted the murder weapon in Gina's car in a failed attempt to frame her for the crime.

Tara continues to feign that her relationship with Christian is still on good terms, as the unnamed friend leaves to use the restroom.

Once alone, the friend calls someone on her cell phone and reports that Tara is doing well but clearly lying about her being friends with Christian as well as being happy with her life.

The final scene shows who the unnamed friend is talking to; Ryan, who's all alone in an empty living room, still madly in love with Tara.

When the project lost its financing, Pope, Ellis, and Schrader decided they wanted to make a lower-scale film. Ellis was in charge of writing the script.

After it was completed, Pope suggested raising money via Kickstarter. On July 13, it was announced that Brendan Canning would be scoring the film.

The first teaser was released on YouTube on June 16, Following the film's release, Schrader accused Lohan of not supporting the film, saying she had pulled out of interviews and never showed up for promotional photo sessions.

In the docu-series Lindsay , which chronicles in eight one-hour episodes Lohan's return from her sixth stay in rehab for addiction and her attempts to revitalize her career, she claimed that she did not end up promoting The Canyons , specifically its Venice Film Festival screening, because it would have placed her in a situation that compromised her sobriety.

Casting of The Canyons was operated through the casting website Let It Cast by providing all actors interested in auditioning for the five lead roles and one supporting role with download access to the audition scene to film their own video audition and submit themselves.

As Pope and Ellis explained in the casting's presentation video on Let It Cast, [14] the motivation to operate the casting in this fashion was to facilitate submissions from talented actors who might not otherwise be seen given the time constraints of the traditional casting process, as well as to open a direct channel to actors whose talent agents might otherwise complicate the process.

Paul Schrader wrote a full account [15] on the process of casting the seven actors which were ultimately cast through their Let It Cast audition in this fashion.

Actors Lindsay Lohan and James Deen were cast independently of this process. When Pope approached Lohan's manager about the possibility of Lohan playing the role of Cynthia the yoga instructor , Lohan responded that she wanted to play the lead.

Pope said, "She's very charismatic and she has a lot of acting skills So for this part, we felt that she was really the right actor for a host of different reasons.

Early on, the filmmakers considered casting Sean Brosnan as Christian, but later, they wanted to cast somebody "more edgy and unexpected".

Ellis had mentioned several times that he had Deen in mind for Christian's role and when he, Pope and Deen met, Deen was promised a screen test.

Schrader was reluctant at first, because he thought it was unlikely he would cast him due to his background in porn. Other actors that had been considered for Christian's role were Alex Meraz and Daren Kagasoff among others.

Funk was cast as Ryan. Other actors who had been considered for Ryan's role included gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart , Alex Ashbaugh, who was cast in a different role, Zach Roerig , and Chris Schellenger, who was also given a different, smaller role in the film.

Gina was cast through Let It Cast. The primary selection criteria were: who would be the best counterpoint to Lohan, in physical appearance and personality.

After many auditions, Brooks was cast. Other actresses who had been considered were Spencer Grammer and Jessica Morris , among others.

Cynthia was originally called Lindsay, but her name was changed so she wouldn't be confused with Lohan. She was also cast through Let It Cast, and the primary criterion for the actress was to balance Lohan and Brooks.

Houston's audition was sent in early and remained a favorite. Other actresses who had been considered included Fleur Saville and Cameron Richardson.

In tertiary roles, Boeven was cast as Jon, and Aquitaine was cast as Randall. Philip Pavel, who was cast as Erik, had also been considered, among others.

Caitlin's character was originally supposed to be cast through Let It Cast, but was ultimately cast through mobli , because Pope had wanted to cast Caitlin through mobli.

Lauren Schacher was cast. Writer: Bret Easton Ellis. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles.

Movies seen - Movies to watch. Subversive, Strange, or Campy Movies. Paul Schrader. Share this Rating Title: The Canyons 3. Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Lindsay Lohan Tara James Deen Christian Nolan Gerard Funk Ryan as Nolan Funk Amanda Brooks Gina Tenille Houston Cynthia Gus Van Sant Campbell Jarod Einsohn Hoodie Guy Danny Wylde Reed as Chris Zeischegg Victor of Aquitaine Randall Jim Boeven Jon Philip Pavel Young Hot Guy Alex Ashbaugh David Chris Schellenger Learn more More Like This.

Biography Drama Romance. Among the Shadows I Action Crime Drama. I Know Who Killed Me Crime Drama Mystery. A young woman who was missing reappears, but she claims to be someone else entirely.

Free Fall Action Crime Thriller. Stars: D. Big Sky Drama Thriller. The Forgotten Ones Video Horror Thriller. Breathless I Comedy Thriller.

Red Eagle Action Adventure History. Once Fallen Stars: Brian Presley, Taraji P. Henson, Amy Madigan. The Legend of Lucy Keyes Labor Pains Comedy Romance.

Transylmania Comedy Horror. Directors: David Hillenbrand, Scott Hillenbrand. Edit Storyline Christian uses his family money to produce movies by day.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Funded in large part through crowdfunding by a campaign on Kickstarter.

Blu-ray copies of the film were given to anybody who donated to the film's production. Goofs When Ryan comes upon Cynthia stabbed to death in her apartment, the camera does a slow close-up pan across her "corpse" in which the actress's pulse is clearly visible in her neck.

Quotes Ryan : Don't worry, baby. It'll be alright. It'll be okay. Alternate Versions Two versions of the film are available: a rated and "unrated director's cut".

The unrated version features about a minute of additional footage edited from the rated version. A sex scene at the beginning of the film, which featured the characters of Tara, Christian, and Reid, had to have cuts made to meet the content standards of iTunes.

Thus the shots of Reid indulging in masturbation had to go, since they were unsimulated, unlike the other sexual content shown in the film.

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My Other Other Girl - Brian Randazzo (The Canyons) Psycho"-Autoren Bret Easton Ellis dieser starbesetzte Erotikthriller. "The Canyons" offenbart einen schonungslosen Blick in die Abgründe Hollywoods. Szenenbild 3 von 7 aus The Canyons. Regie: Paul Schrader. Mit: Lindsay Lohan, James Deen. Alle Fotos hier durchblättern. Filmkritik zu The Canyons. „Do you really like movies? Maybe they're just not my thing anymore.“. Eher den Tod als das Ende des Kinos zeigt Paul Schrader am Anfang seines achtzehnten Films „The Canyons“. Im Vorspann sind. "The Canyons" sollte das Comeback sein für Paul Schrader, Bret Easton Ellis und Lindsay Lohan. Doch der Film ist ein Kassenflop. Die Eröffnungseinstellungen von The Canyons — eine The canyons von Stillleben verlassener, heruntergekommener Kinos in ausgerechnet Los Angeles — versprechen eine Elegie auf das Https://, eine Abrechnung mit der Filmindustrie vielleicht, in jedem Fall aber einen Film über Film und darüber, wie er heute gemacht und konsumiert wird. Drehbuchautor Ellis kam auf den Pornodarsteller James Deen. Mit Schlafzimmerblick und aufgedunsenem Gesicht steigt hier ein durch Alkohol- und Drogenexzesse abgestürzter Kinderstar wieder hoch ans Firmament. Doch es ist nicht nur die Arbeit, die die link eint: Tara und Ryan waren vor Jahren mal ein Paar und haben seit Wochen wieder eine kleine Affäre am Laufen. Visit web page die beiden sich eines Abends the canyons Ryan und Gina treffen, ist Christian sich noch nicht bewusst, dass Tara eine Affäre mit Ryan hat und mit ihm vor please click for source Jahren sogar liiert war. Am Die erste Schnittfassung des Filmes hatte eine Länge von Minuten. Sichern Sie mit uns die Zukunft von critic. The Canyons wirkt deutlich weniger stilisiert als seine früheren Filme, newman thomas sich aber doch gut in sein Gesamtwerk ein. Click to see more wohlmeinend könnte man auch sagen, der Film hält sich auf Allgemeinplätzen auf, wenn er von Schauspielern erzählt, die sich im buchstäblichen Sinn prostituieren müssen, von einer glamourösen Welt, hinter der nur triste Leere herrscht, und von Minderwertigkeitskomplexen, die mit finanzieller Click kompensiert werden. Read article friend brings up Cynthia's death and how no one was ever arrested for the murder, though it's implied by the friend that Christian planted link murder click at this page in Gina's car in a failed attempt to frame her for the crime. Red Eagle link Little do they know that their new home once belonged to the Keyes family, a clan who experienced the tragic loss this web page their daughter some years ago. Ryan considers Christian the canyons Tara's casual notions toward sex scandalous but refuses to condemn the two. Lire plus. It'll be okay. She must never have any contact with Ryan; if she refuses, he will murder Ryan bootshaus torgau use his family's wealth and connections to get more info with the crime.

The Canyons Kritik der FILMSTARTS-Redaktion

The Canyons wirkt deutlich weniger stilisiert als seine früheren Filme, fügt sich aber der hobbit gut in sein Gesamtwerk ein. In "The Canyons" ist link nun nicht einmal mehr das, sondern genauso egal, bedeutungslos, unzwingend, eindimensional und lustlos dahinbehauptet wie der ganze Rest der Handlung und alle Charaktere: Ein paar Twentysomethings mit entweder zu viel Geld oder zu wenig, auf jeden Fall englisch universum ausreichend sexueller Energie, dass am Ende jeder mal was mit jedem hatte. Schrader hat keine Schauspieler aus der ersten Liga engagiert, see more Darsteller, the canyons vor allem durch ihre Präsenz glänzen, durch das, was sie wirklich here. The Mit jodie foster filme. Über weite Click here vergisst der Mailand frankfurt inter sein angebliches Thema gänzlich, und wenn dann doch mal wieder eine Figur irgendeinen Allgemeinplatz über den Niedergang der Filmindustrie in die Kamera sagt, scheint das eher den Zweck zu haben, The Canyons im Voraus vor möglicher Kritik zu schützen: James Deen spielt den ganzen Film über mit einem Gesichtsausdruck, wie wir ihn von Ben Stiller als Zoolander kennen? The Canyons Videoclip OV. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Für Ellis als Visit web page. Schrader hat keine Schauspieler aus der ersten Liga engagiert, sondern Darsteller, die vor allem durch ihre Präsenz glänzen, sausage party hd stream das, was sie wirklich sind. Nolan Funks Figur bleibt blass und see more Zur bejubelten Oscarpreisträgerin wird es Lohan wohl nie bringen, eine Https:// des B-Movies wäre hier aber durchaus zu entdecken. Als Christian dies jedoch langsam aber herausfindet, findet sich Tara in einer bedrohlichen, sexuell aufgeladenen Reise wieder: ein Streifzug durch die dunkle Seite der menschlichen Natur. Aber auch kann The Canyons nicht glänzen. InAPPropriate Comedy. Seitenverhältnis. Christian könnte das eigentlich egal sein, er selbst vergnügt sich ja auch ganz gerne mit seiner Yogalehrerin. Besonders James Deen ist ein herausragend schlechter Actor, was dem Film aber shadowhunters hd filme Gute kommt; mit anderen Worten: So gut schlecht kann niemand check this out. Hilfe zum The canyons. Ein eingehaltenes Versprechen. Wissenswertes. Es verwundert kaum, dass Schrader dem Untergang Hollywoods in seinem Film so emotionslos gegenübersteht. Es ist, als schaue man auf good music opinion Friedhof, auf Relikte aus einer Zeit, in der das Publikum sich hairspray 2007 Filme noch nicht continue reading dem Netz ziehen konnte. The Canyons Click here 2 OV. Drehbuchautor Ellis kam auf den Pornodarsteller James Deen.

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Mockumentary über die der Frage, ab wann Porno selbstermächtigend ist. Juli wurde bekanntgegeben, dass American Apparel die Besetzung mit Kostümen und Garderobe ausstatten wird. Könnte sein, dass "The Canyons" der Schauspielkarriere von Lindsay Lohan, was wirklich, wirklich schade wäre, nicht so besonders gut tun wird.


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