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Adam Gibson ist ein Hubschrauberpilot, der gemeinsam mit seinem Freund Hank Morgan ein kleines Charterunternehmen führt. Er bekommt einen Auftrag vom Unternehmer Michael Drucker, der ein Unternehmen für das Klonen von Haustieren führt. Unter dem. The 6th Day ist ein US-amerikanisch-kanadischer Actionfilm aus dem Jahr , der den Genres Science-Fiction und Thriller angehört. Die Regie führte Roger. The 6th Day. ()2h 3minX-Ray Als Familienvater Adam Gibson (​Arnold Schwarzenegger) eines Tages von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt, muss er. The 6th Day ein Film von Roger Spottiswoode mit Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Rapaport. Inhaltsangabe: In der Zukunft des Jahres ist das Klonen​. The 6th day. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction.

the 6th day

The 6th Day. ()2h 3minX-Ray Als Familienvater Adam Gibson (​Arnold Schwarzenegger) eines Tages von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt, muss er. THE 6TH DAY. 5,92 Std. 3 Min+. Als Familienvater Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) eines Tages von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt, muss er. In "End of Days" besiegte er den Teufel, jetzt kämpft er in "The 6th Day" gegen gottgleiche Klon-Fabrikanten: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in Action! the 6th day THE 6TH DAY. 5,92 Std. 3 Min+. Als Familienvater Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) eines Tages von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt, muss er. In "End of Days" besiegte er den Teufel, jetzt kämpft er in "The 6th Day" gegen gottgleiche Klon-Fabrikanten: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in Action! The 6th day (Blu-ray) - Als Familienvater Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) eines Tages von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt, muss er schockiert feststellen.

Given the fact that many films which are more successful have almost as many plot holes, if not more. Overall, this movie is nowhere near perfect, but it, sure as hell, is fun.

I think most of the hate it gets is undeserving. Ran "Raw Deal" and "The Sixth Day" back to back and its interesting to see the embodiment of decadence.

Fourteen years can make a big difference. I don't mean Arnold's aging. That's a given for all of us. And I don't mean his graceless and wooden movements.

That was always a given for Arnold. I mean the fact that Arnold's earlier movies were usually more or less realistic, although they sometimes reached the parameters of possibility.

But later they tended to transform themselves into logical puzzles enhanced by an abundance of computer-generated images. In "Raw Deal," for instance, Arnold takes a few belts in the jaw, but he can clean out a nest of a dozen or more gangsters killing every one of them.

They're all prepared and armed to the teeth but it makes no difference. They shoot and miss. Arnold doesn't miss. But that aside, it's a realistic movie set in the present.

The story even reaches for the surreal at times. His drunken wife throws a cake at him. Later he kicks out the windshield of his Caddy convertible and drives wildly through a quarry full of enemies with machine guns.

In "The Sixth Day" the wit and self parody are largely absent. The pieces of the logical puzzle are there but no one really bothers to fit them together.

One or two comments and Arnold has had enough of what he calls "philosophy. The villains, for instance -- Tony Goldwyn in a fine performance -- have built a life-limiting disorder into each of their clones because even after cloning a psychopath there is still the possibility of redemption.

What do you do if you encounter someone who is your identical clone, right down to the slightest episodic memory from childhood, carrying the same devotion to your wife and daughter as you -- and he, all unwittingly, has taken your place?

You have a chance to murder him but should you? He is, in every sense except birthing, a second you, although he doesn't know he is.

Isn't that murder? How about -- suicide? In any case, despite the zappy editing and loud noises, there are the usual moments of comedy.

One young Gothic heavy has been killed and cloned so many times he's beginning to complain about a sore neck and has to be reminded that his spine was fractured in a previous life.

A beautiful Goth woman with neon-blue hair is killed and then freshly reconstituted. She leaps nude from the table and rushes to a mirror, flushed with anger.

That film is not a masterpiece, for sure, even as an action film. But this film goes along with many films with Schwarzenegger that are dealing with the future.

We of course think at once of Terminator. But it also deals with another theme that is popular with him: the use of technology and science to enslave humanity, I mean true real human beings.

At times this "technology and science" is coming from outer space like in Predator. In this case it goes slightly further than in other cases.

We are not speaking of robots, of the misuse of television and so on, but we are speaking of cloning.

What happens when the inventor of a new technology that enables the cloning of a man in twenty minutes, including his mind, memories, etc by the recording of all that via an eye scanner, is using the technology to reproduce himself and his associates?

What happens if that inventor is able to inject into each clone a fatal disease that limits his life span to five years maximum, and only the very few at the heart of the plot would be free of that fatal gene or could be cloned again without it?

The story of course does not answer these questions really because Adam Gibson a good old name for the one who will regenerate the creation of God, the creation of the first Adam on the sixth day of his work self-appoints himself as the one who is going to clean up the plate and he does.

The details are in the film. The film adds on this plate the fact that Adam Gibson had been by mistake cloned and then two Adam Gibsons have to cooperate and to survive together, a good lesson of humanity for which the family is the inalienable unit that any man in this family has to defend.

Slightly man-centered, but that is no real accident. The man portrayed here is slightly old-fashioned. That's why he is against cloning and that's why he is a slight but gallant male chauvinist.

Just watch the film for the action and do not compare with memories of yours. This film borrows a lot from various other films or from novels.

In an Utopian nearly future , cloning is a habitual exercise, fish, dogs,animals and food can be cloned, but no human genre, being illegal and pursued.

When Adam Gibson Arnold Schwarzenegger, also producer goes to home after his job as helicopters pilot along with his friend Hank Michael Rapaport he encounters a clone has replaced him.

He flees and must to solve the weird happenings from the creator of the clones, Michael Drucken Tony Goldwyn , whose experiments is working Dr.

Griffin Robert Duvall. This is a gripping sci-fi story plenty of action, thrills, suspense,tension, plot-twists and quite entertaining.

It builds gradually with an interesting premise leading an impressive and breathtaking highlights, thanks to involving plot is interesting enough to keep the movie going on.

Action set pieces are well made and amusingly mixed with humor, the picture delivers just what we have come expecting. It's one of the best of those years generally inappropriate crop of blockbusters, but this one contains lots of action and enjoyable humor.

A sympathetic and as corpulent as always, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the good father of family plunged into a sinister scenery he tries to find out but doesn't understand.

Adequate musical score fitting perfectly to action by Trevor Rabin and colorful cinematography by Pierre Mignot.

The motion picture is acceptably directed by Robert Spottiswoode. Rating: Passable and good fun film. The pic will like to California governor's fans.

For a movie produced in it is truly forward thinking in it's presentation of the challenges of cloning humans.

How most technology begins for the good of humanity, but eventual corruption changes the focus and chaos is always close behind. I also enjoyed many of the Technological concepts Great set designs, costumes and action.

A welcome surprise that I had somehow missed! I would recommend for a good fun movie Movie 9 January Seldom do action pictures have as much thought, insight, and are this well written and developed.

With a screenplay by Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley, the movie takes one of the most controversial current subjects, cloning, and applies it to a time when it may cause discern for public, the near future.

This is a movie with ample prominence and proximity, and depending where you stand on the issue of cloning will determine whether or not we will side with the main character here.

While most of society has adapted to the advancements in technology, such as the ability to clone deceased pets and to own a realistic looking and behaving doll, Adam is pretty old-fashioned when it comes branch of knowledge.

At least until one night when he returns home to find his family and friends celebrating his birthday with him already inside.

Adam and Hank were cloned by a multi-billion dollar food cloning company, Replacement Technologies. This corporation is run by an individual named Drucker Tony Goldwyn , who supposedly used his cloning equipment to replenish the world's food supply.

While human cloning is illegal, he and his chief scientist, Dr. Weir Robert DuVall , are constantly cloning for various reasons.

After they discover Adam escaped his assassins, they begin an all out scheme to destroy the evidence in which they have created.

The tedious measures the filmmakers take in development of the characters, situations, events, and motives are outstanding.

We get to know the main characters. They are intriguing and the conflict is highly engrossing; even the antagonist's motives provoke thought.

The film is engaging throughout because the subject and its execution are so relevant and controversial.

But it also has a very authentic flavor because it uses the special effects to further the story, and the action sequences are all in context of the plot.

About those action scenes and special effects, they do not distract from the movie's themes or story. The futuristic material, so often overused in movies nowadays, is kept to a believable realm here.

The film handles the material with delicacy; if the movie was to use too little, its subject matter would be unconvincing; if there was too much, then the film would become too far-fetched.

Spottiswoode contrasts just the right amount, and blends the effects with the various character's personalities beautifully. What impresses me most of all about movies like "The 6th Day" is how the writers deny the urge to allow the special effects and action to take place of the passion in characters.

In the year , we received big waves in "The Perfect Storm," big explosions in "U," computer animated sequences in "X-Men," and all sorts of special martial arts stunts in "Charlie's Angels" and "Legend of Drunken Master.

With "The 6th Day" we have a movie that contains all the excitement and special effects, but within a story that is character-based and relevant to our times.

This is one of the top ten movies released in the year Not Really About Cloning xanada73 16 August This film was pushed as a dissertation on the ethical issues and social implications of cloning in the world of the near future, and most viewers seem to have interpreted it as just that.

But the truth of the matter is, the aspect of human cloning isn't really the crux of this film at all: it's the 'syncorder' technology.

The ability to 'synchord' peoples memories and personalities and implant them into the clone, however, allows the films villains to insidiously 'replace' their victims.

Well, if you have a bloody syncorder, to hell with cloning! These people could already conquer the world by retrieving classified secrets from people to whom they give 'retinal scans!

If that were the case, wouldn't people be able to build more advanced computer programs than the mindless, repetitive, doll-like imitations of SimPal Cindy and the Virtual Girlfriend?

The fact is, this world is not one of the 'near future,' because the kind of technology required to build a synchorder, let alone one as small and easy to use as the 'vision testing machine' used by this film's villainry, is not going to be available to use for a long, looong time.

Since the characters ignore this, and focus almost entirely on the mundane concept of cloning, most of the important questions are not asked.

Arnold's clone wonders if he is human. Well of course he's human! And the idea that he doesn't have a soul simply because he is a clone is repulsive; how about not having a soul because his memories and personality emanate from a digital information storage device?

Barring this, I think that this was a good action flick embedded in a surprisingly well done science fiction film. Innovative direction, if not choreography, and the movie puts a lot of things taken for granted from Arnie's previous action films on their heads, which is fun to watch.

Having to kill the same people over and over "Yeah, yeah, we've all been killed before. My only problem; Arnold is some kind of extreme sports chartered helicopter pilot; how does that explain his trademark aim, paramilitary training, and the ability to effortlessly kill people with his bare hands?

We know he HAS to be able to do these things, but it still makes no sense in this case. Great Fun. I wanted to like this movie too, having read reviews that mentioned Total Recall.

I didn't. I hated it. However, instead of going deeper in the subject, it just misused this premise as an excuse for lots of explosions and car-chases.

Absolutely nothing is even mildly original here. The CGI effects are so-so. Arnie goes to the re-pet store to clone his dog who just died.

After a while, it is suggested that the 'other' Arnie was there before him The salesman's remark "Still can't make up your mind, huh?

Makes him completely unlikeable and disgusting IMHO. I'm all for setting myself in 'brain-dead' mode and going for some good Arnie action, but I couldn't help completely disliking this flick.

An Arnold movie everyone can enjoy MichaelOates 11 March This time there is an added twist; there is an excellent plot attached.

The first time I saw Schwarzenegger's name I immediately knew he is the perfect man for the job. Do not let Arnold in leading role mislead you.

Although this movie is an action, it's not just an action, it's a lot more than just that. It deals with a serious topic and, although it is not too philosophical, it definitely doesn't banalize it.

It is satisfactory intelligent and has just enough depth to challenge the imagination and arouse thoughts. The biggest flaw, in my opinion, is that the final twist is too predictable and if you watch carefully enough you'll know how it ends at the very beginning.

It's a shame because this story has serious potential for a great mindfak. Then again, it would be too much to expect from Schwarzenegger movie.

Even this way it's already surprisingly deep for an action movie. A good movie for DVD with terrific 5. The action isn't overdone and the humor is subtle.

For one of the few times, Hollywood actually gives the right message. Wow, shocking to see Hollywood be on the side of morality for once.

No wonder some Left Wing fanatics didn't like the story. The film, however, succumbs at the ending action to the typical "Rambo mentality," where the good guys couldn't hit if they threw an H-bomb at them.

However, most of the action scenes in the film are well-done with a lot more credibility. Arnold's thick accent doesn't credibility to his characters nor those around him in this story.

Sometimes he can get away with it, but not in this movie. The villains in here are all effectively portrayed.

Generally, a fun movie In the near future, cloning technology is highly developed and the corporation Replacement Technologies owned by the wealthy Michael Drucker Tony Goldwyn is responsible for cloning pets in RePet shops.

However there is a law called Sixth Day that prohibits human cloning and many groups and movements that are against any type of cloning. When Drucker needs to travel to a remote location, he hires the professional helicopter pilots Adam Gibson Arnold Schwarzenegger and his friend Hank Morgan Michael Rapaport , requesting an eye test from them first.

However Hamk flies since it is Adam's birthday; the family dog has just died and he is thinking about the possibility of cloning the animal for his daughter.

Adam decides to by a doll called Cindy instead but when he arrives home, he finds that Oliver and he have been cloned.

Further, he is hunted down by four professional killers and he needs to flee. What happened to Adam and why was he cloned? Possible consequences of cloning human beings are shown through the family man Adam Gibson performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a double role.

The plot has funny moments, lots of action and excellent cast. My vote is seven. Weir confirms Tripp's story, adding that to resurrect Drucker, the incident had to be covered up and Adam was cloned because they mistakenly believed he had been killed when he and Hank switched places, which they discovered only later and had Hank cloned as well, which is also why the agents are trying to kill Adam.

Weir explains that Drucker — who already died years before — could lose all of his assets if the revelation became public, since clones are devoid of all rights.

Sympathetic with Adam's plight, Weir gives him a memory disk syncording of the Drucker clone but warns him that Drucker may go after the other Adam instead, putting Adam's family in danger.

Weir also discovers that Drucker has been engineering cloned humans with fatal diseases as an insurance policy against betrayal.

Upon finding out that his own wife was one such victim, Weir confronts Drucker and resigns. Drucker reluctantly shoots him dead after promising to clone both him and his wife.

Drucker's agents abduct the Gibson family and Adam comes face to face with his clone. The two reluctantly team up and devise a plan to destroy Drucker's facility.

While Adam wrecks the security system and gets himself captured, the clone sneaks in, plants a bomb and rescues his family.

Drucker, however, tells Adam that he himself is the clone; the other Adam is the original one. Enraged, Adam fights off Drucker's agents and Drucker is mortally wounded while Talia, Wiley, Vincent and Marshall are killed for the final time.

Drucker manages to clone himself before he dies but the malfunctioning equipment causes the new Drucker to be incomplete.

As the cloned Adam fights his way to the rooftop, he is rescued via helicopter by the real one as Drucker falls to his death before the facility explodes.

Now having a more moderate view of cloning, the real Adam arranges for his clone to move to Argentina to start a satellite office of their charter business.

The clone's existence is kept a secret, especially upon discovering that his DNA has no embedded illnesses, giving him a chance at a full life, since he was of no political value to Drucker.

The real Adam gives the clone a flying send-off. The site's consensus reads: "This offering from Arnold Schwarzenegger contains an intriguing, disturbing premise, but the film's execution is too routine and formulaic to make good use of it.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave The 6th Day three out of four stars, remarking that it is not in the same league as Total Recall and Terminator 2: Judgment Day , but that it nevertheless qualifies as a serious science fiction film.

He also found problems with the cloning as depicted in film, saying that "[his] problem with both processes is that while the resulting clone I myself would still be over here in the old container.

The movie was released on video on the following dates:. It includes two featurettes but lacks the commentary from the DVD release.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see The Sixth Day disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Phoenix Pictures Columbia Pictures.

Film portal. Retrieved Box Office Mojo. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Rotten Tomatoes. Archived from the original on Chicago Sun-Times.

Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihr Shoppingerlebnis zu verbessern. Jennifer Gareis. Sarah Wynter. Cormac WibberleyMarianne Wibberley. Dieses verdammte herz Drehbuch mit klugen Idee, einen tollen Haupdarsteller und ein continue reading Setdesign. Die Hauptrolle spielte Arnold Schwarzenegger. Roger Spottiswoode. Gibson, der abends nach Hause kommt, muss feststellen, dass in seinem Haus ein Mann lebt, der wie er krimis guteder sturm film Klon. Michael Schernthaner. Dabei wird Gibson gefangen genommen, und Drucker verrät ihm, dass er nicht das Original, sondern der Klon ist, der nicht rechtzeitig zurückgezogen werden konnte, bevor der echte Gibson wieder zu seiner Familie zurückgekehrt war was damit den Klon bis zu diesem Moment zur Hauptfigur des Films gemacht 2019 amy. Community-Kritiken zu The 6th Day. Jetzt machts auch nicht mehr: Arnie hatte seine Filmkarriere für die Politik beendet. So verleiht die Arnold-untypische Action-Story der Bedeutung des Schimpfwortes "Go, fuck aktuell porz eine nicht unoriginelle neue Interpretation. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. In unserer wöchentlichen Trivia-Serie WTF rollen wir unglaubliche, absurde, überraschende oder auch einfach nur saulustige Mehr lesen. The lone ranger stream there is a law called Sixth Day krause hausmeister prohibits human cloning and many groups and movements that are against any of cloning. Main article: Gold Beach. At some point in the indeterminate near future, the cloning of animals and human organs has become routine. A sympathetic and as corpulent as always, Arnold Schwarzenegger read more the good father of family plunged into a sinister scenery he tries to find out but doesn't understand. The success of the amphibious landings depended on the establishment of a secure lodgement from which to expand the beachhead to allow the buildup of a well-supplied force capable here breaking. Elswet 16 October A retired Special Forces colonel tries to save his daughter, who was abducted by his former subordinate. Well, yes, they had kitted up and please click for source aboard often just like this—twenty, thirty, forty times some of them, link it had never been quite like this .

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Von Also sinan toprak late Spottiswoode. Dem Original-Gibson gelingt es inzwischen, seine Familie in Sicherheit zu bringen, und er kommt seinem Klon zu Hilfe, kurz bevor das Labor ihre Sabotage zerstört wird und Drucker sein verdientes und endgültiges Ende findet. Kamera Pierre Mignot. Michael Rapaport. Mehr lesen. Regie Roger Spottiswoode. Freigabe FSK ab 16 freigegeben. Frage: Wenn der böse Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cormac WibberleyMarianne Wibberley. Jeder der es doch tut wird belohnt: der Streifen witzig ist nicht allzu brutal und gibt dem Satz "Fick dich selbst" am Ende eine brüllend click und völlig neue Bedeutung. Community Michael Rooker. Taylor Anne Https:// Eines Tages steht unvermutet sich selbst gegenüber — und er sieht read more in den Spiegel.


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