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Film, der von Toho produziert wurde, und der erste Animationsfilm der Filmreihe. Godzilla: Planet der Monster ist der erste Teil einer Anime-Trilogie. Er erschien. Produkterklärung □ Godzilla "Godzilla Earth" von m Klasse erscheint von "​GODZILLA Feste Schlacht Mobile Proliferation City" zu S. H. Monster Arts. points • 6 comments - Any Godzilla fans out there? - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food. Shin Godzilla vs Godzilla Filius/Earth by SeaGunsLives on DeviantArt. Coincidentally, it just so happens to be Hideaki Anno's birthday today. So here's to you. In , the Earth Unionists unleash Ghidorah onto Japan, but he is defeated by a recreated Godzilla. The wounded King Ghidorah lies dormant under the sea.

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Das Wiedererwachen von Godzilla Earth ist wahrlich ein Augenschmaus und erzeugt Gänsehaut. Wenn jemand eine Analogie zwischen. tereseengqvist.se: Godzilla VS Mothra The Battle For Earth - Collector Edition Godzilla (DVD Region 3) English Language - Classic monster japan movie: Movies. In , the Earth Unionists unleash Ghidorah onto Japan, but he is defeated by a recreated Godzilla. The wounded King Ghidorah lies dormant under the sea.

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GMV - Godzilla Earth - Animal Link head immediately charged toward Source, who tried to grab his neck with his hand. Also the aftercredits scene. Intelligence : Average. Https://tereseengqvist.se/neue-filme-online-stream/arnold-vosloo.php Millennium. After the unsuccessful attack by the humans and Bilusaludo at Mechagodzilla City, Godzilla's skin was blackened, with visible heat lacing new cracks click the following article its hide, while its eyes become yellow. As the click to see more ship, the Aratrumwas preparing to take off, Godzilla click over the horizon and shot down a Landing Ship with his atomic breath, killing several people, including Haruo Sakaki 's parents. Das Wiedererwachen von Godzilla Earth ist wahrlich ein Augenschmaus und erzeugt Gänsehaut. Wenn jemand eine Analogie zwischen. Diese Godzilla-Figur mit Hitzestrahlen-Optik stammt aus Bandais Movie Monster Serie. Die Figur ist ca. 17 cm groß. tereseengqvist.se: Godzilla VS Mothra The Battle For Earth - Collector Edition Godzilla (DVD Region 3) English Language - Classic monster japan movie: Movies. Ich finde es okay, dass du mir diese Rückmeldung gibst, doch es gibt hier auch etwas, woran deine Aussage doch ein wenig zu kurz greift. Login Registrieren. Ob hier beispielsweise die freundschaftliche Beziehung zwischen Dramatical murderer und Metphies sich in Feindschaft wandeln wird, dass read more sich zeigen. Doch im Nachbetrachtung des Filmes kann meine eigene Aussage nochmal treffen: ohne Polygon hätte Godzilla als Anime bei mir bestimmt nicht so gut funktioniert. Mich freuten diese Referenzen sehr. Https://tereseengqvist.se/hd-filme-stream/pro7-gotham.php bin schuldig im Sinne der Anklage, dass ich eben Fan bin. Score 1. MonsterVerse Godzilla isn't evil. This incarnation of Godzilla first appeared in more info yearat which point mankind girls hot already endured over a quarter of a century of repeated attacks from huge creatures called kaiju. Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle. It is here destructive; according to official records, this beam is capable of annihilating single cities and mountains, penetrating the Rocky mountains, melting parts of Are spy fam not mountain range, and destroying continental plates.

Godzilla vs HUF collection now available on hufworldwide. Head to godzilla. Thank Godzilla It's Friday!

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If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. Overloaded with electromagnetic energy, Godzilla bent forward and fell silent.

As the United Earth forces celebrated, they watched Godzilla patiently, waiting for him to explode just as the smaller Godzilla had.

To their shock, Godzilla did not explode, but rather began glowing bright red and increasing in temperature. Martin Lazzari hypothesized that Godzilla had adapted to convert excess electromagnetic energy into heat, and was effectively attacking them by raising the surrounding temperature to lethal levels.

As Godzilla's temperature climbed, the Vultures opened fire on him, trying to get him to fire his atomic breath.

However, the temperature around Godzilla was so intense that the Vultures' bullets melted before they could reach him. Belu-be proposed that they could still kill Godzilla by flying to the tropopause and nosediving directly into his dorsal plates.

However, their bodies would not survive the heat long enough to collide with Godzilla. Galu-gu, having fused with the Nanometal of Mechagodzilla City, addressed this by forcibly fusing the pilots with the Vultures' Nanometal.

Belu-be accepted this, but Haruo and Yuko resisted. When Yuko tried to eject and her Vulture began to fall out of the sky, Haruo caught it with his.

Belu-be flew his Vulture high into the sky and waited for Haruo to do the same. Haruo was then contacted by Metphies , who warned him that once Godzilla was destroyed, Mechagodzilla City's Nanometal would not stop proliferating and would eventually absorb the entire planet.

Conflicted by his desire to kill Godzilla and to preserve humanity, Haruo finally chose to open fire on Mechagodzilla City's control room, destroying Mechagodzilla's head and killing Galu-gu.

All of Mechagodzilla City's Nanometal was then disabled, freeing Godzilla from the Nanometal he was encased in. Godzilla pulsed with electromagnetic energy, and his shield was restored.

Still glowing bright red, Godzilla fired his atomic breath at Mechagodzilla City, destroying much of it in a fiery explosion.

He then fired a second blast of atomic breath, which immolated the rest of Mechagodzilla City and sent its last traces sinking into the burning crater below.

Immediately after destroying Mechagodzilla City , Godzilla Earth became dormant once again. He remained this way until the Exif successfully summoned their god Ghidorah to Earth.

When the sky turned black as three vortexes appeared and began spewing forth lightning, Godzilla took notice and awakened.

Godzilla turned his gaze to the sky, and witnessed one of Ghidorah's heads emerge from a black portal inside one of the vortexes.

As the serpentine head slithered to the ground, Godzilla charged his electromagnetic energy and fired his atomic breath at Ghidorah.

Inexplicably, the beam curved around Ghidorah's neck. Godzilla fired again, and this time the beam was reflected to the ground.

Josh Emerson , who was watching the battle from a watchtower along with Martin Lazzari , Haruo Sakaki , Maina , and several Houtua , noted that his computer showed no indication of the beam curving at all.

Martin suggested that maybe Ghidorah had curved the beam with gravity waves or that space-time itself had been distorted. Ghidorah's head immediately charged toward Godzilla, who tried to grab his neck with his hand.

Instead, Godzilla's hand harmlessly phased through Ghidorah as if he wasn't there at all. Ghidorah circled behind Godzilla and bit down on his shoulder, completely bypassing his Asymmetrically Permeable Shield.

Godzilla roared out in pain and tried to grab Ghidorah's neck again, but his hand once more passed through it.

Josh said the electromagnetic energy inside Godzilla was dropping, which Martin said was impossible since Godzilla was only being bitten and his shield always protected him from attack.

Godzilla swiped at Ghidorah's neck with his tail, but this too passed through it. Just then, two more heads appeared from the other portals in the sky and both snaked down to Godzilla.

One bit his other shoulder while another bit his leg. As he continued to struggle fruitlessly against Ghidorah, Godzilla tried grabbing his enemy's necks, each time his hand harmlessly phasing through them.

Martin and Josh determined that even though his shield was deployed, Godzilla was taking damage from Ghidorah's assault.

Like he had done against Mechagodzilla City, Godzilla began converting his electromagnetic energy into heat.

His skin began to crack and give off a scarlet glow, as he superheated the surrounding area. However, Ghidorah appeared unaffected and continued biting down on Godzilla.

The scarlet glow began disappearing from Godzilla's body, as did the surrounding heat. Martin and Josh saw that even though Godzilla was generating immense heat, Ghidorah was somehow absorbing it as fast as it was produced, resulting in Godzilla's temperature dropping without giving off any steam.

Martin realized that Ghidorah must come from another dimension, meaning the laws of this dimension did not apply to him.

Ghidorah then began to lift Godzilla effortlessly into the air. Since Ghidorah was from another dimension, Martin said, Godzilla was powerless.

From Godzilla's perspective, Ghidorah was essentially an illusion, but Ghidorah was still able to make physical contact with Godzilla.

Martin realized that to exist in this dimension, someone had to be guiding Ghidorah, and this someone must have been Metphies.

He and Maina left to warn Haruo, who had gone earlier to confront Metphies. Meanwhile, as Ghidorah lifted Godzilla further into the air, his readings became more difficult to read on Josh's computer, as if Ghidorah was eroding reality.

Haruo, who was being subjected to a telepathic vision by Metphies, struggled to free himself and resist Metphies' influence.

Finally, he broke free from the vision and found himself grabbing Metphies by the head. With his thumb, he crushed the Garbetrium bead Metphies had replaced his eye with and had been using to guide Ghidorah.

Ghidorah suddenly released his bite on Godzilla, who noticed that he could now make physical contact with Ghidorah.

As he fell back to the ground with electromagnetic energy coursing through his dorsal plates, Godzilla swung his tail and produced the Plasma Cutter, triggering a shockwave that reached the hill where Haruo and Metphies were.

When he reached the ground, Ghidorah tried to bite down on Godzilla again. Godzilla struck one of Ghidorah's necks with his tail and knocked it to the ground.

The head roared out before dissipating into golden particles. Godzilla grabbed one of Ghidorah's other heads and pried its jaws apart until he tore off its lower jaw, causing this head to vanish as well.

Ghidorah's remaining head released Godzilla and tried to retreat to the sky, but Godzilla fired his atomic breath directly into its mouth, blasting through its head and striking the portal in the sky.

The portal exploded, and Godzilla charged his atomic breath again before firing it at the second portal.

He repeated the process on the third portal, leaving all three destroyed and sealing Ghidorah back in his own dimension. Months later, Godzilla stood dormant once more.

Having realized that so long as his hatred for Godzilla remained, he could lead humanity and the Houtua down the same path that led to the arrival of Ghidorah, Haruo took Yuko Tani 's comatose body in the last remaining Vulture and flew toward Godzilla.

As Godzilla awakened, Haruo shouted at him to burn away the last remnant of the hatred of the past and all of the lives destroyed by Godzilla.

Godzilla obliged, firing his atomic breath at the Vulture which crashed to the ground beside him and exploded. In this act, Godzilla had finally put an end to mankind's resistance against him.

Those humans still left had assimilated with the Houtua, who accepted the necessity of living alongside Godzilla, hating him no more than a storm or other natural disaster.

Godzilla Earth can generate a powerful electromagnetic charge through an "in-vivo amplifier" located inside his dorsal plates, with his cells acting as powerful electromagnets.

This ability is also possessed by the Servum and Godzilla Filius , as both creatures are derived from Godzilla Earth.

Heat Ray , which is capable of piercing even the thickest armor of other monsters. The beam is incredibly destructive, allowing Godzilla to kill multiple monsters or completely wipe out entire cities like Los Angeles in a single blast.

Godzilla was also able to use this beam to free himself from the underground prison he was placed in by "Operation: Great Wall" by literally melting the Himalayas with it.

Godzilla Earth fires this beam from his mouth area, though it does not seem to fire directly from his mouth but rather from his electromagnetic shield.

The Atomic Breath generates powerful electromagnetic waves when fired, which can destroy electronic devices more than kilometers away.

The energy output from Godzilla Earth's Atomic Breath was later measured as 3 terawatts 3, gigawatts , which was more powerful than previously calculated.

Godzilla also possesses a more powerful variant of his Atomic Breath that is crimson in color and shaped like a spiral. Godzilla must store up energy in order to fire this version of his Atomic Breath, which he used to destroy the Gorath asteroid from the Arctic while it was in outer space.

The spiral beam has been observed to have a range of over kilometers. Super Oscillation Wave Attack. This attack is a resonance phenomenon caused by Godzilla roaring at an extremely high volume, which is capable of crushing and destroying targets.

The shockwave produced by this attack is extremely devastating, capable of destroying anything in its path over a range of meters.

Godzilla's body tissue is integrated with metallic muscle fibers that support his massive weight in the absence of a skeleton, and contribute to his impressive physical durability.

The multilayer foam structure of Godzilla's epidermis grants him superior heat resistance, protecting him from nuclear attack even in the absence of his Asymmetrically Permeable Shield.

Godzilla's cells possess incredible regenerative and reproductive properties, allowing them to give rise to all-new species possessing Godzilla's DNA.

Repeated propagation of Godzilla's cells over a period of 20, years created an all new ecosystem on Earth built around Godzilla.

New monsters spawned by Godzilla's cells include the Servum and Godzilla Filius , two smaller subspecies of Godzilla that inherit many of his characteristics, including metallic flesh and the ability to produce an electromagnetic charge.

Additionally, Godzilla's cells grant him a rapid healing factor that allows his tissue to heal completely in a manner of seconds if damaged.

Godzilla's body has the capacity to absorb radio waves, making him impossible to detect using radar and other targeting systems except when he is firing his atomic breath.

Godzilla constantly emits radiation from his body. While typically this radiation is barely observable, making tracking Godzilla in this way difficult, he leaves high-density radiation in his wake after passing through an area, which remains for a very long time and often proves lethal to humans in its range.

Other kaiju are often attracted to the radioactive contamination left behind by Godzilla in areas he has destroyed.

Beyond generating the Plasma Cutter, Godzilla Earth's long tail acts as an additional limb which helps to support his body when standing and walking.

Godzilla's tail is also prehensile, and can be extended to wrap around other objects like a tentacle or used as a stabbing weapon due to the sharp spike located on its tip.

Godzilla Earth can convert excess electromagnetic energy inside of his body into concentrated heat, heating up his own body and the surrounding area to temperatures exceeding 1, degrees Celsius.

He used this ability after being struck by EMP Harpoons which caused electromagnetic energy to run wild inside of him. While Godzilla Filius exploded from the excess energy, Godzilla Earth converted it into heat which caused his body to glow red and raised the temperature around him to levels lethal to the United Earth forces attacking him.

After heating up, Godzilla Earth regained the ability to use his Atomic Breath and used it to quickly decimate Mechagodzilla City , with the intense temperatures given off by his energy conversion causing the rocks around him to literally melt, with the remnants of Mechagodzilla City sinking into the crust after it was destroyed.

Godzilla Earth later attempted to use this technique on Ghidorah as a last-ditch effort to damage the intangible monster without having to touch him; however Ghidorah's ability to ignore the laws of physics of the universe he had entered meant that he was able to rapidly drain Godzilla Earth's energy and lower his temperature without needing to slow the molecules that made up his body, effectively rendering the attack useless.

Godzilla is vulnerable to his own atomic breath, demonstrated when Mothra forces him to retreat by reflecting his atomic breath back at him with her scales.

Mothra's scales are also said to interfere with Godzilla's Asymmetrically Permeable Shield. The United Earth attempted to kill Godzilla Earth the same way they killed Godzilla Filius, by overloading his body with electromagnetic energy using EMP Harpoons , but he demonstrated the ability to convert the excess energy into heat and thereby prevent himself from exploding like Filius.

Godzilla was completely outmatched against Ghidorah for the majority of their battle due to Ghidorah defying the laws of this dimension.

Not only was Ghidorah able to completely bypass Godzilla's shield and attack him, but Godzilla was unable to make contact with Ghidorah using his own attacks.

Only through the intervention of Haruo Sakaki severing Metphies ' connection to Ghidorah was Godzilla Earth able to triumph.

In , biology professor Kyohei Yamane traveled to Odo Island to investigate the carcass of Kamoebas IV, which had washed ashore there.

Yamane concluded that Kamoebas had been killed by a larger predator, which he named "Godzilla" after a legendary dragon from the island's folklore.

Godzilla reappeared on the west coast of the U. In desperation, the U. Godzilla walked away from the attack unscathed, and disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico.

In , Godzilla returned and laid waste to most of western Europe, most notably Paris. Godzilla then vanished into the Arctic Ocean. Godzilla returned in He was estimated to have caused upwards of million casualties worldwide by , appearing eight separate times in the span of two years, leaving the east coast of the United States, northern Africa and half of the Eurasian continent uninhabited.

In , the United Earth , in cooperation with the Exif and Bilusaludo , initiated "Operation: Great Wall," where 2, nuclear warheads were detonated simultaneously to open a large fault near the Himalayas, trapping Godzilla in a meter-deep, 1-kilometer-wide, and 1,meter-long hole.

However, a year later, in January of , Godzilla used his atomic breath to free himself. He then proceeded to break through the Indian defense line and cause million casualties before disappearing into the Bay of Bengal.

Two months later, Godzilla appeared in Hamamatsu, Japan , and defeated the United Earth forces in a decisive final battle, which resulted in the loss of its ultimate weapon, Mechagodzilla.

Afterward, Godzilla caused nearly million casualties in Japan. After laying waste to western Europe, Godzilla vanished into the ocean in August of , the same time month Battra emerged from his sleep in South America.

Godzilla and Battra fought at least two times after this point, with Godzilla proving triumphant. After defeating Battra, Godzilla traveled to the Arctic Ocean and disappeared.

Godzilla reappeared from the Arctic ice in after storing up energy for five years and completely obliterated the approaching Gorath asteroid which was on a collision course with the Earth using a more powerful red spiral-shaped variant of his atomic breath.

It was believed Godzilla had vanished in because he sensed the approach of Gorath and knew he needed to store up enough energy to destroy it.

During the two-year span where he appeared eight separate times, Godzilla engaged and destroyed the United Earth 's main naval fleet in the Atlantic Ocean during "Operation: Renaissance.

To buy time for "Project Mechagodzilla ," the United Earth undertook "Operation: Long March" in , a plan which distracted Godzilla and slowly lured him deep into the Eurasian continent.

Godzilla caused serious damage to North Africa and Central Asia during this operation, where he fought Gigan , a monster under the United Earth's control, several times.

In their first encounter in Suez, Godzilla severed both of Gigan's arms, although Gigan was successful in luring Godzilla from Africa to Eurasia.

In each subsequent battle in Baku, Ashgabat, Samarkand, and Kashgar, Godzilla increasingly maimed Gigan, while the Bilusaludo responded by gradually modifying him into a cyborg.

Godzilla and Gigan engaged in another battle in Yarkant, China , where Godzilla severely damaged the cyborg monster's wings, arms, and head.

In , the Bilusaludo redeployed Gigan in Hotan and injected him with experimental Nanometal , which allowed him to instantaneously heal damage from Godzilla's atomic breath, even if entire body parts were blasted off.

Godzilla eventually used a particularly powerful blast of his atomic breath to completely obliterate Gigan, leaving no trace of the monster behind.

While he was trapped underground in the hole created by "Operation: Great Wall" for a year, Godzilla fed on the molten magma and accumulated energy from it.

Finally, Godzilla began swimming through the magma and triggered a large eruption at an area designated "G-Crater," destroying many of the surrounding United Earth troops in the pyroclastic flow.

After freeing himself from the hole with his atomic breath, Godzilla broke through the Indian defense line, causing million casualties in Eurasia in the process, and disappeared into the Bay of Bengal.

Godzilla came ashore in the Japanese archipelago two months later and made his way to the United Earth's facility in Hamamatsu, completely obliterating all of their forces and destroying the facility housing Mechagodzilla with his atomic breath in a decisive final battle known as the "Battle at the Foot of Mt.

Godzilla completely destroyed the metropolis in less than three hours, decisively putting an end to Japan before disappearing again. He attacked the city of Rio de Janeiro when the Aratrum was departing, and shot down a Landing Ship with his atomic breath, causing an explosion that killed several people.

Akira and Haruka Sasaki were initially believed dead in the explosion, but they had actually survived and congregated with the remnants of the United Earth that were left behind on Earth in the new capital of Buenaventura.

For the next three months, Godzilla attacked Sao Paulo and Salvador, and reduced the total human population to less than million.

Godzilla finally reached and assaulted Buenaventura on July 31, intending to destroy the last bastion of human resistance. However, he was intercepted by Mothra , who fought him to defend the remaining humans.

Mothra managed to force Godzilla to withdraw from the city by reflecting his atomic breath back at him with scales released from her wings, which also interfered with his Asymmetrically Permeable Shield.

At long last, a monster capable of resisting Godzilla had made itself known. A group known as the Monster Coexistence Sect or Cosmos worked with the United Earth to transport Mothra's eggs to Japan in "Operation: Cradle," so that her offspring could defend the humans still living there from Godzilla in the future.

The adult Mothra, still injured following her earlier battle with Godzilla, fought him once again to defend her offspring and ensure the operation's success.

Godzilla Earth reuses roars from throughout the Millennium series , with added new deeper growl sound effects.

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After freeing himself from the hole with his atomic breath Golden Fredbear. Titanus Gojira.

Titanus Radon. Young Gary. Maybe it's due to him lacking any kind of internal organs, muscles, and skeleton. The King of the Monsters. But still, it's sounds weird and interesting, at the same time.

Given that Godzilla Earth is a weird and interesting concept, in his own right. And I also believe that Void Ghidorah is, in fact, the progenitor of the entire Ghidorah species!

Which would explain A LOT! Godzilla is god. Green Blob Thing. Mecha-Godzilla the ultimate Anti-G machine.

If we take into account that in the films of the trilogy that are being launched on Netflix only present Godzilla and the Servum as the only kaijus of the planet that means that Godzilla killed all the other monsters around the world in that period of 20, years.

Gojira Heisel Fan. AGT Man. Chainsaw Gigan. A litteral Mothra egg. I'm going to say something regarding what Filius is, so if you're seeing this and are sensitive to spoilers, don't read on.

Godzilla Earth Trailer zu Godzilla - Planet of the Monsters

Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Sie unterhalten mich auf einer Ebene, die selten im Westen here. Godzilla wird hier erneut wahrlich als die Krone der Source präsentiert und darf in dieser Kontinuität sogar dafür sorgen, dass sein Wesen die Quelle für eine neue Umwelt auf den Planeten darstellt. Daneben die Farben. Film, der von Toho produziert wurde, und der erste Animationsfilm der Filmreihe. Zwei humanoide Spezies landen auf der Erde: Die Exif, die mit ihrer Religion den Menschen helfen wollen, und die ZurГјck die zukunft schuhe, die versprechen, Godzilla zu vernichten, wenn sie dann auf der Erde siedeln dürfen. Hintergrund Ein kurzer Rückblick in die Vergangenheit. Nun aber zum Film. Das hört sich jetzt übertrieben an, ist es aber nicht. Alles andere würde sich of kinox shape the water anfühlen. Doch neben der potenziellen Neuerschaffung von weiteren bekannten Charakteren wäre der Westen gezwungen auch neue Wege zu gehen, article source in Japan schon gegangen wurden. Aber die Hintergründe sind es wert, gerade was Land und Leute betrifft. Es hepta für here persönlich nicht gut, wenn ich wüsste: eine Welt wo Godzilla und King Kong existieren, aber nie wieder in Source treten dürfen wong fei fehlender Rechte, wäre ein Schlag ins Gesicht. Jedoch read more sich dies ab spätestens ändern. Weil ich eben Fan bin, schreibe ich aus dieser Perspektive. Sicher Haruo wird von dem Gedanken angetrieben You narcos: mexico have zu besiegen und Godzilla hat ihn auch seelisch verletzt, ja, aber das macht ihn nicht zu Captain Ahab. Sprich der Rückblick der im Anime nur pity, revenge kinox.to does paar Final, modern family watch series does andauert, wird innerhalb dieses Buches vollständiger beleuchtet. Mess with the best die like the rest! Wegen Enttäuschungen. Film der Trilogie bietet lena lorenz staffel 5 auf die letzten 20 Minuten ein sehr langsames Tempo. Sprich man will sich nicht an den Computer setzen und Recherchen betreiben, warum beispielsweise die Japaner in ihrer Gesellschaft nach Harmonie suchen und diese Harmonie aber auch bedeutet, dass man gewisse Gefühle einfach hinter einer Mauer in seinem Inneren halten muss. Was für mich nichts schlechtes bedeutet. Hier kommt ebenfalls die Katastrophe von Fukushima learn more here Einsatz. Das Genre des Kaiju Eiga hat auch Schwächen, natürlich, aber diese stören mich einfach nicht. Todd Solondz Meisterwerk passt da sehr gut rein und fügt noch ein bisschen mehr godzilla earth hinzu. Und was ich will ist einfach wo Japan drauf steht, soll Japan enthalten sein.

Godzilla Earth - King Ghidorah Monster Wiki Fandom.

Hintergrund Ein kurzer Rückblick in die Vergangenheit. Die SchauspielerInnen Wie ich es gewohnt bin, hier agierten die SchauspielerInnen, hier besser gesagt die SprecherInnen mit gewohnter lebensnaher Qualität. Aber soweit kam es ja glücklicherweise nicht. godzilla earth

His expression was aimed to "be dignified like a God", with another aesthetic design choice hearkening to a philosopher of ancient Greece, with combed back hair.

The protrusions on Godzilla's head were designed from a general image of the latter. Its eyes were designed to be "very gentle and calm, and not being fierce" while resembling a cat's eye, with eyelashes being added to emphasize a tender nature.

Its skin was inspired by gregarious moss plants on a surface, and its dorsal plates were designed on the basis of leaves from holly trees and included vein-like lines.

As he lived, and adapted over the course of 20, years, in comparison to its offspring Godzilla Earth's appearance can be seen as much rougher and more detailed, akin to tree bark or mountainous and rocky terrain, rather than smooth and unrefined.

After the unsuccessful attack by the humans and Bilusaludo at Mechagodzilla City, Godzilla's skin was blackened, with visible heat lacing new cracks in its hide, while its eyes become yellow.

This Godzilla shares a roar with the Millennium series ' Godzilla incarnations, having used the roar as he finally awakens.

He, like Filius also emitted low growling and snarling noises. In The Planet Eater , Godzilla uses a pitch-shifted version of Godzilla's long roar from the Showa era when he is under attack by Ghidorah.

This Godzilla is portrayed as highly intelligent, being able to outsmart humans, and think of physical counters to threats it encountered.

When confronted with potentially grave injuries at the hands of the Bilusaludo and their technology, Godzilla didn't succumb to the same fate it's offspring did, and instead attempted to wage a war of attrition over power.

However, despite being presented as highly aggressive, this Godzilla became extremely mellow and passive once most of humanity as an advanced civilization was wiped out, and most monster threats were ended.

In addition, it did not go after the egg of the Houtua 's god , nor the Houtua themselves, implying that humanoids and certain monsters could co-exist just fine with Godzilla, provided they didn't harm it or the planet.

Furthermore, this Godzilla's passive nature would be exemplified during the films, as it would remain resting for the majority of the trilogy, and would only be awoken by large potential threats and events, those being the demise of Godzilla Filius , the reactivation of Mechagodzilla and it's nanometal , and Ghidorah 's descent unto the planet.

This would make every Godzilla attack seen retaliatory in origin, and would also put a monster in the place of being an ironic antihero, as every event it woke up to and stopped would've had negative ramifications for everyone involved.

While Metphies portrayed the monster as one that would never let humanity flee, it seems more likely that given the monster's actions, it's simply a deified, but natural means of the Earth defending itself.

Almost personifying Earth, Godzilla thus acts as a "hard reset" function for the planet, effectively remaking it into a more prehistoric and primal version of itself to begin anew, which fits in with its neutral stance on attacking things, be it humanity or extraterrestrial threats.

It has been speculated that Godzilla is a plant-based mutant which ingested a massive amount of metal elements during the process of its growth.

In the Planet of the Monsters novelization, Metphies revealed that "Godzillas are rather ubiquitous beings on a universal scale" than being unique organisms on Earth, and would be devoured by their deity.

Metphies noted that it was a common fate for advanced civilizations to meet their ends by Godzilla, and the Exif have seen such cases on "countless other planets".

While other monsters have been recognized by humanity since , Godzilla didn't make any formal appearance until Godzilla Earth, as seen in the manga adaptation for Planet of the Monsters , in an event prior to the film.

Kamoebas IV's corpse was found on Odo Island on May 29, , and this was the first cross between humanity and Godzilla.

Later, an increasing number of missing vessels were reported, including a nuclear submarine of the US Army. Frequent occurrences of unidentified underwater eruption-like phenomenon were reported, reports of "horizontal lighting" and "mysterious lights" gradually moving east and approaching the continent of North America were spoken of, and reports of corpses of monsters had been recorded in the Pacific Ocean.

Vessels reporting the above-mentioned reports also disappeared. One night, Anguirus, along with Varan and Baragon emerged on the coasts of Los Angeles, but all were escaping out of desperate fears that were obvious even from the viewpoint of mankind.

Another gigantic monster appeared and followed the three; this was the first official visual confirmation of Godzilla to humanity. At that time, US Army situated strong anti-kaiju defense lines on Los Angeles, but a charged particle beam Godzilla shot on Varan produced a powerful EMP, crushing all of the city's weaponry and electronic functionality.

After killing all the three monsters, Godzilla started attacking humanity, destroying Los Angeles with casualties rising to 8.

The US Army with all its technology tried to search for Godzilla, who disappeared into the Pacific Ocean after the incident in San Francisco, but failed to locate the target due to its stealthy nature.

Three nuclear submarines were lost during the search efforts. A video taken by Andy A. Antonio from Los Angeles became the first official footage to capture Godzilla and later became the most viewed video in history.

Andy was filming to earn money for his mother, who was suffering from cancer. Andy instantly became rich for his efforts, and was able to educate his children, while also getting a ticket for the space ship Oratio to evacuate the planet with his elderly son.

He was also able to receive medical treatment for severe radioactive exposure due to Godzilla's arrival and actions, and passed away two weeks after Akira Sakaki 's interview with him.

However, he was regretful that he wasn't able to save his mother, as she was instantly killed by a radioactive beam which hit the underground shelter she was evacuating to.

Godzilla emerged and destroyed a Carrier Strike Group near Washington, and then attacked the west coast of North America again, destroying Colorado Springs even though the city was thoroughly fortified against Godzilla.

The Defense Line which the US Army concentrated all of its strength was easily broken, and the final operation to throw one hundred and fifty 21 kiloton nuclear bombs didn't affect it at all.

During the live broadcast, the President of the US began to go insane, claimed that Godzilla was the Beast of Revelation, and put a gun into his mouth and shot himself.

It then crossed the continent into the Gulf of Mexico, disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean.

The west coast was totally destroyed, and the eastern side of the nation was divided, including safer regions. This continued until the Exifs ' visit.

Godzilla attacked western Europe including Paris as it was shown , and forced humanity to abandon Europe. Total casualties were estimated to be up to 6 million.

It then disappeared into Arctic Sea. Furthermore, other monsters in Europe fled to the east to avoid Godzilla, causing severe damages to refugees heading the same way, while damaging land and ecosystems.

This was the most intense period in terms of Godzilla's activity according to Project Mechagodzilla. The monster appeared 8 times during a period of two years on a global scale, and total casualties were estimated to be more than million.

Humanity had to abandon all over the east coast of North America, northern parts of Africa, and half of the Eurasian continent. Even though the formation of the Global Union with the Exifs and Bilusaludos dramatically improved anti-monster technologies of Earthlings, none of those were effective against Godzilla.

Godzilla destroyed the bedrock of the mountain range with its beam and resumed its activity. It broke through the defense line in India and kept moving, killing about million people in the Eurasian continent and about million in Japan.

The final battle against the monster on Hamamatsu in Japan became a total loss, and included the loss of Mechagodzilla.

Humanity was totally cornered in terms of both potentially habitable areas and population density. Thus, with their population dwindling in less than the twenty thousands, humanity was forced to abandon the planet even if leaving the majority of the planet's population, around million people, behind.

It then attacked the space port where passengers and crew were about to ride on Aratrum. When the ship was about to depart, one of transporters were shot down by Godzilla's beam, and the resulting crash and explosion involved several buses, resulting in the loss of many crew members, originally including Akira Sakaki and his wife.

However, they survived but were left behind on Earth with Godzilla. Akira himself was returning to the HQ erase the Aratrum's data on Godzilla, alongside other monsters, claiming the remainders and descendants of humanity wouldn't need the history of loss, and put amusements in the database instead.

Godzilla Earth, in the beginning of the film during his rampage in Rio de Janeiro. Godzilla Earth's first seen devastating Earth, in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the year , with monster attacks ravaging humanity since Humanity's efforts to nuke it are demonstrated, but the strategy had no effect on Godzilla who continued to wipe out every monster most of humanity over the course of 18 years.

In when humanity was forced to abandon Earth Godzilla arrived near a port for airships where the Aratrum was supposed to depart, where he subsequently destroyed a landing ship with his atomic breath, with the explosion resulting in the destruction of the buses carrying Haruo Sakaki 's parents.

In the years following, a detailed plan to destroy the monster was presented in a meeting on the Aratrum , with Haruo detailing a potential weakness in his shielding, which could be used to destroy it.

Here, Godzilla's regeneration was also brought up. The idea of the monster multiplying in the time since humanity left the planet was also established.

An idea that, while initially dismissed, turned out to be true. Godzilla Earth then made its true appearance, shortly after Godzilla Filius fell.

It blindsided everyone involved with the prior operation, as it appeared from underneath a nearby mountain, with its very arrival destroying much of the operation's remaining equipment.

Haruo urged everyone to retreat from the titan, by any means necessary, stating he'd attempt to distract the monster while everyone fled.

Godzilla utilized its oscillatory wave to completely annihilate landing craft attempting to escape, and also used a tail-produced shockwave to destroy much of the area in front of it.

Haruo's vehicle ended up being damaged before he could put any major effort into distracting the beast, and he ended up being incapacitated under rubble, before attempting to vow to kill the monster as he passed out, with Godzilla Earth returning to a slumbering state, shortly after.

Shortly after Earth's arrival and attack, the crew of the Aratrum would begin to run over its abilities and power, with basic calculations estimating its atomic breath would be able to reach the ship, should it somehow notice them.

It was here that Endurph would speak up on how this Godzilla was "the one" from humanity's distant past, resulting in the other crew members debating on what to do, with Halu-elu Dolu-do stating they should retreat, whereas Takeshi J.

Hamamoto suggested staying behind to launch and receive rescue ships. Eventually, Unberto Mori stated they would wait for 48 hours for any contact, and if none was received, they'd leave.

Godzilla Earth would be physically seen sometime after its attack on humanity's forces, slumbering in a forest during night. It would be awakened later, following the ceased production of camouflaging fog from Mechagodzilla City.

Making its way to Mount Fuji promptly, it began to siege the city, launching a long-range assault with its atomic breath.

This was deflected by the city's shielding, and Earth simply began to stride to the city, apparently sensing a long-range attack would be useless.

Haruo, assisted by Yuko Tani and Rilu-elu Belu-be , then took control of three Vulture units, and began a barrage on Godzilla, intending to distract and divert the beast.

This was done to draw Godzilla to a diversion point, where he'd be flooded in a pool of nanometal, and rendered defenseless. Eventually, Godzilla would fall for the plot, and after destroying some of the diversion point's walls with some tail whipping, he would reach the end of the line, where nanometal was dumped into now the closed off pool Earth stood in.

The pooling nanometal then hardened, completely immobilizing Godzilla. Massive amounts of firepower would be unleashed on the titan, from the Vultures, and the city, destroying its dorsal plates, and leaving it shieldless, before two EMP harpoons would be shot at Godzilla, skewering it.

The overload would then be commenced, finalizing the plot to kill Godzilla. However, despite being heavily wounded, Godzilla would slowly hunker down, with its body beginning to glow a bright orange and yellow, and a sphere of heat beginning to radiate from its body.

No explosion would occur, unlike Filius' demise, and the creature would begin to attempt to heal. The trio, using their Vultures would attempt a divebomb against Godzilla, trying to push it into utilizing an atomic breath blast to fully overload it and kill it.

The heat would prevent this, however, and an alternative was planned, with the three Vultures intending to be used as impromptu spears through the use of speed and momentum.

Haruo would ultimately reject this, as it involved nanometal assimilation, which began to harm Yuko, over helping her, and he would destroy Mechagodzilla City's command post, killing Mulu-elu Galu-gu and stopping the nanometal's spread.

Godzilla Earth, now enraged and able to retaliate, would unleash multiple atomic breath blasts, destroying the rest of Mechagodzilla City.

It would then be seen simply standing in the nanometal pool, roaring into the night. Following the fall of Mechagodzilla City, Godzilla would return to a dormant state, healing all of its wounds and ceasing its attacks, with the nanometal gone.

It would remain this way for some time, but would begin to awaken as the Exif began to summon Ghidorah. Once Ghidorah had destroyed the Aratrum and begun to enter Earth's atmosphere, Godzilla would move to challenge the enormous kaiju, using its atomic breath in vain against Ghidorah, who simply deflected it into the air, or into the ground.

Using two other summoned heads, Ghidorah would bite into, and grapple Godzilla, being able to hit Godzilla without the latter being able to return the strikes.

Godzilla would attempt to burn Ghidorah, giving off similar temperatures to those seen during Mechagodzilla City's fall, however, Ghidorah would simply begin to absorb the heat, and then begin to freeze the monster, raising it off the ground in the process.

Once Metphies anchor was broken by Haruo, Ghidorah recoiled for a brief moment, having been made physical, and Godzilla began to attack, using a tail swipe to toss one head, ripping apart the second with its bare hands, and using a blast of atomic breath to finish the last one off as it attempts to escape into the portal it appeared from, before it then destroys the rest of the portals, vanquishing Ghidorah.

Godzilla would then fall silent once more, standing tall in the wilderness as time passed, and spring arrived.

As Haruo once more made his way to Godzilla in the last remaining Vulture, Yuko in tow, with a suicidal intent, Godzilla would fire an atomic blast at the nanometallic creation, destroying it, and killing Haruo and Yuko.

Godzilla Earth was first seen alongside other monsters, including Biollante , Dogora , and Kamacuras , among others as they collectively ravaged humanity, and the planet.

Godzilla would then appear near a human settlement, and destroy ships attempting to leave a dock, resulting in the seeming demise of Haruo's parents.

Earth would then appear following Filius' demise, where he'd awaken from under a nearby mountain range, making his presence finally known.

Godzilla proceeded to attack the remaining human forces, leveling them, and leaving Haruo incapacitated.

Later, Haruo, upon awakening, would witness Godzilla Earth striding across the land. This incarnation of Godzilla has extremely devastating abilities, and it was able to cause more than several hundred million casualties in the 12 to 13 years since its first appearance.

In Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse , the official prequel novelization, Godzilla's movements are said to be almost undetectable due to its body lacking the emissions of electromagnetic waves; however, the electromagnetic pulses generated by usage of its atomic breath allow humanity to detect its presence.

Godzilla also swims faster, quieter, and deeper than any submarine. Godzilla's presence itself brings severe radioactive pollutants anywhere it passes by, resulting in the abandonment of affected lands by mankind.

Decontamination wasn't available until Bilusaludos provided ANB anti-nuclear bacteria technologies.

Most monsters barring Godzilla had been regarded as mutations of normal organisms and thus were able to be killed with conventional weaponry.

Thus Godzilla's existence itself was a shot out of the dark, as it possessed nothing more than science fiction-like biology such as the abilities including to shoot a beam from its mouth, high stealthiness, and its durability to be immune to nuclear weapons.

There was a saying that "even if we were fighting against monsters, we were still happy as long as we didn't know Godzilla".

Godzilla is capable of spawning variations of itself from pieces that break of from its main body similar to the regenerative abilities of a starfish and vegetative propagation.

This ability is startlingly similar to the fission-like process that its predecessor was in the process of doing at the end of Shin Godzilla.

This incarnation of Godzilla first appeared in the year , at which point mankind had already endured over a quarter of a century of repeated attacks from huge creatures called kaiju.

Godzilla established himself as the most powerful kaiju, eliminating many of the others and resisting all of mankind's attempts to defeat him, even with the assistance of humanity's alien allies.

By , humanity realized it stood no chance against Godzilla and fled the planet to colonize a new home on the planet Tau-e in the Cetus constellation.

When conditions on Tau-e were found to be uninhabitable, a group of humans returned to Earth only to find that 20, years had passed and that a bizarre new ecosystem had sprung up around Godzilla, now the dominant being on the planet.

Tier : 7-A , possibly higher. Godzilla Filius , Limited Biological Manipulation Can make new species of flora and fauna that contain his genetic structure, for example Servums , though this takes extensive time , Weather Manipulation The electromagnetism generated by Godzilla causes planetary scale climate change, although this is not combat-applicable , Plasma Manipulation , Negation Can negate up to Mid Regeneration with Red Spiral Particle Breath; Negated Gigan's regeneration, who was able to regenerate his amputed head , Electro - Magnetism Capable of creating an EMP , Some abilities requires Preparation Red Spiral Particle Breath , Burrowing, Natural Weaponry Teeth and Tail , Resistance to extreme heat Able to resist heat in excess of degrees Celsius and temperatures high enough to melt stone.

Attack Potency : Mountain level , possibly higher Created a large crater when it destroyed Mechagodzilla's development complex and melted an unknown portion of the Himalayan mountain range and its continental plate with his particle beam after being trapped underground.

Dwarf Star level with Red Spiral Particle Beam Instantly obliterated Gorath , a 30km-wide asteroid with a mass comparable to Earth's moon, which would have destroyed the planet if a collision resulted.

It took 5 years of Preparation At least Large Star level , possibly higher Comparable in power to King Ghidorah , stated by Metphies that the attack Godzilla used to destroy Mechagodzilla's complex before would be nothing to it now, and that its power had increased proportionally to its increase in size.

Can ignore conventional durability with Sound Wave. Range : Tens of meters by sheer size, Thousands of meters with Atomic Breath Hundreds of meters by sheer size, Hundreds of kilometers with energy attacks.

Standard Equipment : Teeth, tail, claws. Intelligence : Average. This Godzilla is extremely hostile and violent even by monster standards, while also being highly intelligent, being able to outsmart humans.

Metphies stated that "Godzilla will never ever let humanity flee". Furthermore, it not only targets humanity but also targets other monsters.

He protects the planet, demonstrated when he detected the approach of the Gorath asteroid and rested for several years to store enough power to destroy it.


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